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Monday, August 1, 2011


Author: Molly Harper
Pages: 385 pages
Publisher: Pocket Books
Published: February, 2011
Form: Paperback
Series: Naked Werewolf #1
Adlibris: Link

One of the funniest, laidback Paranormal Romances I've read in years!

Mo was raised by a pair of hippies, no seriously, her mother and father are spitting image of Dharma and Greg's D's mom and dad, except Mo is nothing like Dharma, she rebels against vegan diet, organic living and protesting against evil corporations and her parents suffocating style of raising nearly thirty year old Mo. So Mo decides she's moving to Alaska, to see who she is without any influence or pressure from her parents.

Grundy Alaska is a small town, real small with only +2000 inhabitants, Mo slips in quite announced and begins to make friends and gather admirers from first step onto a small diner.

Mo is funny, witty and soon finds she's only butting heads with on person, Cooper, a crumby but hot guy who lives close by her little cabin. Mo and Cooper can't stand each other, but then Mo gets into a bit of trouble and it seems there is more to Cooper than the temperamental, snappy personality.

Without revealing too much I have to say, this author has a fun way of telling her story, there are laugh out loud moments as well as oh that made me cringe kind of embarrassments. If there would have been more explaining on the bad tempered Cooper this would have been a five star read, but it lacks a little something from Cooper's side to be perfect. 
That said I truly liked this book and plan on reading everything Molly Harper has written so far!

It's not from the steamy end of Paranormal Romance, but more the building a life together includes some scenes of werewolf yumminess. Molly Harper creates a whole world, instead of just depending on the love story. Which I love! We get to know, Evie, Alan, Buzz and a small Alaskan town full of characters!

This book is 380 pages of FUN, witty, lovable Mo who is so entertaining to read you don't want to put the book down and right after reading search for more of her writing.

Rating :

Started Reading : 30th of July 2011
Finished Reading : 31st of July 2011

P.S. How bad is it that I want to raise my kids like her parents do, well except for the sticking around like glue after they turn 18?

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