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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Author: Maggie Shayne
Pages: 400 pages
Publisher: Mira
Published: May, 2009
Form: Paperback
Series: Wings of the Night #16

Firstly, I read this in Finnish so the review has been colored with reading the Finnish language version.
Second, it was "shivers" kinda bad.

First person account of a memory loss, just doesn't play well, the first two pages were okay then it took a nose dive, and I did manage to get half way through the book before having to but it down and rather get bored to death ( I'm not kidding, I had nothing to do with only this book on hand and I chose to put it down ).

That said I did notice that if I translated sentences to English in my head it was much better, so I'm thinking this 'yawn' is to be blamed on the translation, mostly.

But then to the characters, Lilith isn't interesting, you can't go too far with I don't know/I don't remember, Serena is so one dimensional it's cringe worthy, Ethan is boring, without more than few parts where he isn't just explaining things.

The plot is okay, but you can't just get invested in The Farm as the tension doesn't build on it as she can't remember it. The plot is pretty Dark Angel if you think about it, but not as good.

I can't say I liked this, sorry.

Now that said, I really liked Maggie Shayne's "Twilight Illusions", it was Great! That one I read in Finnish as well, which didn't harm the story at all.

Rating :

Started Reading : 30th of July 2011
Finished Reading : didn't

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