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Thursday, August 18, 2011


Author: Gena Showalter
Pages: 384 pages
Publisher: HQN Books
Published: January, 2009
Form: Mass Market Paperback
Series: Atlantis #1
Amazon: Buy
Adlibris: Buy

Darius en Kragin has been schooled from the tender age of 8 to become a Guardian of the Mist, a dragon that stands between people who enter Atlantis through the portal and his own people. No one can enter, everyone has to be slain for the safety of Atlantis, no exceptions.

Grace Carlyle is lost in the jungle after her guide deserts her in her search for her brother who seems to have disappeared after mailing her a necklace, an old dragon necklace. As she now tumbles through the jungle, thirsty, hungry and sweating she finds a cave, the cave transports her to a new location where a man wielding a sword comes at her. No matter how hot the guy you can't mistake the big sword and the fact that he's about to use it on you.

Darius can't believe what he's seeing, he hasn't seen colors or smelled or tasted anything in close to hundred years and now in front of him is a curvy woman with blazing red curly hair, one who smells divine and he bets taste amazing as well. Against all his teaching he takes her captive instead of slaying her where she stands, as would be prober. Now he has a prisoner in his chambers, tied to his bed, but not for long because Grace isn't just any girl and she might just be able to pull a fast one and fool the dragon.

Darius fights between having to kill her and needing to bed her and have her be his for the rest of his life, while Grace must find her brother, escape Atlantis and figure out just what does Darius want from her.

Great start for the Atlantis series! I'll definitely be reading the following books!

Rating :

Started Reading : 16th of Aug. 2011
Finished Reading : 17th of Aug. 2011
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