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Monday, November 21, 2011


"Successful businessman Alec Carter realizes his life is less than fulfilled when he meets beautiful Clara Whittaker. Alec experiments in the BDSM lifestyle but doesn't consider himself hardcore until he crosses paths with the obviously submissive Clara."

Author: Ella Jade
Pages: 109 pages
Publisher: Noble Romance
Published: November, 2011
Form: E-book (provided as part of a tour for an honest review)
Genre: Erotic Romance/BDSM
Noble Romance: Buy / $5.50
Excerpt: Chapter 1

Alec is successful, handsome and he knows what he wants, and currently he’s set his eyes on the college student at his friends coffee shop. Clara, the young brunette fascinates him, her smile and her personality, so when he hears from his friend that she’s about to go homeless he offers her a room in his mansion. After she hesitates, thinking he’s buying her affections, she finally agrees to accept his offer of just a place to stay.

Before too long a kiss leads the two to a relationship, but as Alec comes out clean that he likes to do some light domination every once in a while, Clara is intrigue and let’s Alec guide him to the life style. But what happens when Alec wants perhaps more than just a bed mate, more than just a submissive for him to dominate?
    ❝I was so lost in her eyes I almost forgot what I was doing there in the first place. I glanced down and noticed she was ready for bed. She was wearing flannel pajama bottoms that hung dangerously low, off her hips, and a tight, light, gray tank top. And, from what I could see, she wasn't wearing a bra. There was nothing particularly sexy about the attire except maybe her nipples pushing against the thin material of the top, but she somehow made it look hot. She was perfect.
    "Hey." She smiled. "Long day?"
    "Can I come in?"
    She nodded as she pushed the door open. I followed her into the room, but I couldn't wait any longer to touch her. I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her toward me. When I covered her mouth with mine, she quickly deepened the kiss as I ran my hands up the sides of her body.
    "Did you miss me?" She traced her thumb across my bottom lip.
    I like when she touches me.
    "More than you can imagine." I walked us over to the bed. "Why aren't you in my room?"
    She pushed the hair out of my eyes and smiled. "Was I supposed to be?"
    "We don't have any rules during the week, but I'd rather hoped you'd be waiting for me when I got home." I tugged on her bottom lip with my teeth. "Unless you don't want to share my bed?"
    I arched a brow at her, realizing she was well within her rights to deny me. I just hoped she wouldn't.
I didn’t know what to expect of this as I’ve never read a BDSM book before! So I was perhaps bit surprised that I liked it. The plot is simple,  but something we all work with, how to make a relationship work. Alec wants two things he wants Clara first, but he feels he can’t live without his Dominating side, so when Clara reveals she’s intrigued being submissive, Alec thinks his hid the jackpot but then how to have both as he’s only ever had one or the other. This people can relate to, love or passion? How to get both?

The story is told completely from Alec first person perspective, which I haven’t read before, an erotic story totally from the man’s point-of-view. It’s more blunt, to the point, and yes at times more crude, but hey men are all those things. The story lacks the female subtlety, the certain softness that only a woman’s voice brings to a story, but oddly enough with this… I didn’t miss it. I enjoyed seeing this solely from Alec’s point of view!

Alec is caring, loving, straight-forward and when he’s in his Dom role he constantly takes care of Clara making sure that everything that happens is okay with her, that she’s comfortable. Clara is young and unsure of herself, little timid, and like Alec puts it a natural submissive – but as she explores herself and her limits with Alec she gains confidence and strength. You want it to work for them, you want them to get both sides of their lives and live happily ever after.

Now to the sex, as this is erotica, wow – Alec certainly knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go for it, he’s passionate lover and when he’s in his Dom role he’s sexy as hell. He wants to pleasure Clara like no one ever has and that makes the scene even steamier. Still not the raciest novel I’ve read, so if you’ve never read BDSM book, like me, this won’t scare you. But it sure will make you feel hot!

This book is for those who like their stories hot, their point-of-views male and their sex scenes nice and steamy!

Rating :

Ella Jade is the author of The Lonely Dominant and other exciting romances, For The Love of Reading had the pleasure to interview her this weekend! And now you get to read what went down, enjoy!

Niina : Welcome to “For The Love of Reading!” Ella, glad you could stop by!

Ella Jade : Thanks so much for having me!

Niina : So tell us five fun facts about yourself, so we can get to know you alittle!

Ella : I'm a SAHM to two active boys. I'm married to a wonderful man and we reside in NJ. When I'm not writing, I like to spend time with my family and kickbox. I'm also on the PTO.

Niina : Your book The Lonely Dominant is out now, how would you describe the book?

Ella : It's ultimately a romance with BDSM themes and elements to enhance the story.

Niina : What chapter did you most enjoyed writing and why?

Ella : I really enjoyed writing Clara's birthday. Its a sweet scene and something integral to the plot happens that night in the playroom.

Niina : I loved that chapter as well! Which character in your book became your favorite?

Ella : Alec... the story is told from his POV.  His voice spoke to me the loudest. I like where he ends up by the end of the book.

Niina : What about your lead character, Alec, makes you go, “oh don’t do that!”?

Ella : There were times when I thought he could express his feelings toward Clara a little more. I was like, "If you just tell her how you feel, it'll be easier!" lol! But I knew exactly when and where they'd express their true feelings. Getting there was a little frustrating.

Niina : Heh, I know what you mean. Now, how did you find your cover and if you didn't take part in the search, what is your opinion of it?

Ella : I didn't take part in finding it, but I absolutely loved the final product. I think the colors are beautiful and when I picture my two main characters, I see the couple on the cover.

Niina : I love it as well! So,why did you pick erotica as your genre?

Ella :  It just kind of happened. I always liked strong romances that didn't close the door on the reader. So, it just feels natural to me to share the intimate scenes.

Niina : What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk?

Ella : I usually save writing the steamy scenes for the end of the chapter. I like to set the pace and the dialogue first and then I go back and write the heat.

Niina : Now to more personal questions! Your current Top 5 dangerous bad boysin literature? (and why?)

Ella : Sadly, I'm writing so much that it's leaving little time to read. I do tend to go for the darker, more dominant hero. I like when they take control of a situation, but I also want them to love the heroine deeply.  If I had to pick one, I'd go with Eric Northman from the Southern Vampire Mysteries. He's sexy, ruthless and a vampire.

Niina : What about who is currently your book boyfriend?

Ella : Any of the Cullen vampires...Edward, Jasper or Carlisle. They're all so hot and sexy.

Niina : Ah, the Cullen boys, can't go wrong with them. I have a soft spot for Emmett. ;) Now, if you could only read 5 Romance/Erotica books for the rest of your life what would they be, and why?

Ella : Any of the Twilight series and any romance from Nora Roberts. I fell in love with the romance aspect of Twilight. And, Nora Roberts creates the most memorable characters. It would be hard for me to choose five, so I'd be happy with any of her love stories.

Niina : If we could ask Alec what is his favorite hobby, what would he answer?

Alec : Hmm, I'm becoming quite fond of playing in the new playroom with my beautiful Clara.

Niina : LOL! Yes, quite rightly so. Now, what's the best part about being an author? And what’s the worst?

Ella : I think it's all good. I love having a place to share my creativity. The worst part? My messy house. lol I'm always writing and never cleaning.

Niina : Now before we finish here are some Quick fire Question:

Cats or dogs?  cats
Coffee or tea?  iced tea
Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?  milk chocolate
Beach or forest?  beach
Night or day?  night
UF (Urban Fantasy) or PNR (Paranormal Romance)?  PNR
Bad boys or good cops? Bad Boys
Brunettes or Blonds?  Brunettes
Vampires or werewolves?  Vamps
Romance or Erotica? Romance
Men:  Alpha-male or submissive? Alpha-male
Male POV or female POV (Point Of View)?  male
Pick-up or Mini-van?  pick-up
Beer or Wine? neither
Pizza or Restaurant? Restaurant
Cake or Donuts? Cake
Golden Girls or Family Ties?  Golden Girls
Movies: Romantic comedies or Action/Adventure?  Action/Adventure
Halloween or Midsummer? Halloween
Times New Roman or Courier? Times New Roman
Crayons or markers? markers
Kids or pets?  kids

Niina : Thanks for visiting the “For The Love of Reading!” Ella, come by any time!

Ella : Thanks so much for having me! I had a blast!

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