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Friday, November 4, 2011


So it's day four, and I' currently at 11 548 words which means so far today I've gotten down 2343 words. Yay! though I'm practically asleep now! The glass of French Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon probably helped. ;)
Today revealed Trissa as a commitment phobic and Dodge discovered another man dead, only adding to the mystery of why Bud turned out dead to begin with.

My favorite passage from "BURN" today: ( from rough draft, contains typos, you have been warned ;) )
       Joey was getting in as they pulled on his groveled front yard, Jake took off the truck leaving the door open and took up to Joey’s porch two steps at a time and hovered before the older man with big grey mustache.
       ‘Hi again, Joey.’ Dodge followed Jake up the stairs.
       ‘Dodge and I were talking, and we wondered who killed Bud?’ Jake followed Joey’s eyes to Dodge. ‘Yeah, other than him.’
       ‘There really no other suspects, just Dodge.’ Joey shuffled his feet looking at Jake under his brows.
       ‘You figured out how Bud was killed?’ Jake asked, looming over a foot shorter Joey.
       ‘I shouldn’t…’ He begun.
       ‘You shouldn’t a lot things Joey, like take bribes and forge documents but you do it anyway.’ Jake grinned, but it wasn’t a happy one. Dodge stepped aside to lean his back on one of the columns, feeling his concealed IWB holster press into the small of his back, reminding him his gun was empty.
       ‘Spill it, how did Bud die?’ Jake said, doing everything except actually grabbing Joey by his collar and shaking the man.
       ‘Ah, well, somebody hit him in the face with a bat of sorts, most likely a sturdy branch, snapped his neck.’
       ‘Bud’s neck pretty big, I suppose they figured it had to be a guy, or big woman?’ Dodge asked.
       ‘Bud did like his women big.’ Jake said, then turned back to Joey who had taken up sweating in the morning sun. ‘And?’
       ‘And what? They don’t tell me much.’
       ‘Probably wise, though not helpful.’ Dodge shrugged.

Not super happy about today, but atleast I got it down. :)

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