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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


So, Day 8 meaning Week 2! I didn't feel like writing at all today but once I started I went all the way with 3756 words! I'm up to 19 950 words now, that's 57 pages!

What happened today? Trissa got bit tipsy and followed Dodge home.

My favorite passage from "BURN" today: ( from rough draft, contains typos, you have been warned ;) )
      ‘Duh, because I’ve had sex with…’
      ‘I changed my mind, stop it, I can’t hear this.’ He said grimly.
      ‘Listen I’ve had sex with men, you’ve had sex with girls. Why are you acting so jealous?’ She asked.
      ‘Because you’re different. You’re special… Because the thought of anyone else touching you drives me friggin’ mad.’ He huffed and laid back down on his back, the separation from his skin felt almost painful.
      ‘You can’t think like that, this is just for four days…’
      ‘I know, but… Jesus, Trissa I don’t want four days.’ He chuckled grimly, and her heart stopped, jerking back to life with a gut wrenching slug.
      ‘What? What do you mean? We had a deal.’
      ‘Fuck the deal.’ He rolled so that he was hovering over her. ‘I want so much more, I want kids, a house, a motherfucking trip to Disneyland.’
      ‘I um, I see.’ She felt blood flee her extremities.
      ‘What do you want?’ He asked, his voice hopeful, and she felt like the biggest crook.
      I want to run, I want to get out… this was not going to end well. ’Oh Dodge, this can’t work. I work in Europe, you’re here, and, and then there the fact that I can’t commit to anyone, it freaks the living hell out of me.’
      He was quiet for a long while just staring at her in the darkness of the bedroom. ‘What would you need then, to be with me?’
      ‘Oh hell, Dodge.’ She wanted to get off from underneath him but where would she go, she could hear the washing machine with all her clothes in it. ‘I would need…’ She stalled.
      ‘What you need is to be yourself, right? Like you were tonight, you want to be wild, not a tamed down filly wearing high heels and power suits.’
      ‘God, I do.’ She exclaimed.
      ‘You want a man, one who won’t put up with shit and one who won’t back down, one who can handle you when you’re wild, one who tames you without breaking you.’ Dodge kissed her collarbone sending shivers down her spine.
      ‘God, yes I do, I need that.’
      His kisses travelled up her neck to her ear. ‘And you know that I’m what you need.’
      She grabbed his neck and pulled him to kiss her, her mouth urgent on his. ‘I need you.’ She exhaled against his lips.
      ‘I know you do baby.’ He said kissing her again. ‘So you’ll stay?’
      ‘No.’ She said, he pulled away.
      ‘You are goddamn staying.’ He said and she felt a ripple of excitement run through her.
      ‘You think you can stop me?’ She grinned and he thought about it for a moment.
      ‘I’ll think of something.’ He said then and kissed her with enough force to drive leaving right out of her mind.
      ‘You plan to fuck me senseless?’ She giggled breaking away from his lips.
      He chuckled. ‘If I have to.’
I'm not very happy with today, I was writing while tired and it shows, but thank god there is revising! ;D

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