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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I have 2 winners to announce!  
The Diamonds and Toads Giveway closed yesterday, 
here is little more on Diamonds and Toads!

Niina : Your newest book is Diamonds and Toads, can you tell us what it’s about?

K.E : Inspired by the Gordon Laite illustrations in my childhood book, My Little Golden Book of Fairy Tales, and with a nod to the 17th century author of the fairy tale, Charles Perrault, DIAMONDS & TOADS is a modern take on the tale of the same name, but with more emphasis on the love story. Crossing genres between hot/steamy contemporary, comedy, and fantasy romance, it is written in two parts, the first concentrating on the "good" Perrault sister, who is blessed by the family fairy with a fortune from diamonds and an engagement to the man of her dreams, while the second concentrates on the "bad" Perrault sister, her curse (her every utterance an obscene and humiliating quip), and her “frogman” ex-lover. In both parts, the fairy’s often comical appearances and maneuverings serve to further the plots to their “happily-ever-after” conclusions.

Niina : What chapter did you most enjoy writing and why?

K.E : Well, I have to say, there are actually two. One for each sister. For Delilah, far and away, my favorite chapter was the one in which Delilah shows Chas exactly what is involved in master/servant sexual encounters (this, after he discovers that she uses this as a means of assertiveness training and stress relief!) For Isadora, it’s the first scene we see her in after her curse. The things that come out of her mouth (especially to her hunky long-lost love) are side-splittingly funny and embarrassing to boot!

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