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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


NaNoWriMo has begun! The National Novel Writing Month gathers around us nutjobs who go crazy and type 1667 words per day for 30 days straight to bound out 50 000 words novel in a month. Or let’s say we aim for 1667 per day, but somedays it just doesn’t happen and somedays we go well overboard ( over board is good! ).

It is day one and I’m ahead, I suppose everyone still has so much energy on day one that it’s easy to get out plenty of words, my tally so far today is 4,800 words! But I’m pretty sure I’m going to spend the whole evening writing, even though I have atleast one Jane Perry Novella to finish today ( 70 pages ) – it really would be helpful if I had a hand held electronic reader.

So what’s going on in my novel? Trissa grudginly agreed entered a party in the sticks for one hour only, and noticed that her friend Lacey had soon ditched her, she gets into trouble and Dodge steps in to derail the guy, they end up chatting for a while, things get bit heated and she escapes only to find herself in more trouble.

I won’t be revealing much, but I love writing a bad guy who sub-consciously is becoming a better man by just be hanging around his girl.

I can’t recall where I picked up the name Dodge, but it suits him perfect! And I love it, I wanna name all my leading men Dodge now!

Here is a little taste of "BURN": ( from rough draft, contains typos, you have been warned ;) )

    ‘Looking for me?’ A tall guy stepped in front of her and the cooler. His long hair hung greasily around his eyes, his breath was a tell-tale sign of few too many drinks of whisky. His intoxicated grin didn’t tell her promises of dental hygiene. Oh lord. She wanted to roll her eyes.
    ‘Just looking for a cold one.’ She said, with an icy smile reserved for men like him.
She tried to side step him, but he locked his beefy hand around her upper arm, her eyes locked on his. Her heart thudding against her ribcage, unlike Lacey she wasn’t biker valium.
    Before she managed to open her mouth to tell the guy to let go another guy stepped from behind her and shoved the grease head’s shoulder hard enough for him to loosen his grab on her arm, she back stepped as the other guy moved his broad shoulders slightly in front of her.
    ‘What’s up, Bud?’ He said his voice cool and little rough, his southern accent nice and gritty.
    Grease head, Bud, eyed the other man who was same height as him, but more slim built, not the mass and fat that Bud was. ‘Just chatting the new girl up.’ He grinned at her, and she fought a shudder. The other guy never took his eyes off Bud, probably a smart thing, as he addressed her.
    ‘Was Bud here bothering you?’ His accent was growing on her, she liked the roughness of it.
    ‘I just want another beer.’ She tried to be diplomatic.
    ‘And I though she like another Bud to swallow.’ Bud snorted out a rough chuckle. She felt like vomiting a little and back stepped again.
    ‘Show some respect, buddy.’ The other guy said, this time his voice was as cold as steel, it carried a warning in it.
    ‘What?’ He yelled and shoved her bodyguard, who took hold of his arm and held it up in front of him.
    ‘You wanna knuckle up, huh?’ She couldn’t see his face but the set of his broad shoulders had changed, almost like he readied his body to fight. Shit, she just wanted a drink.
    Bud seemed to do the math, and shrugged. ‘It’s just a chick.’ He got back his arm and slumped off.
    She watched her savior's shoulders loosen, he rolled them a little, like getting the tension off, before turning to face her. When he did though she was struck, the guy was about as scary as Bud had been, though this guy was clean, built with muscle, his eyes were like steel: dark gray, he had a eight-a-clock shadow, his almost beard following narrowly the line of his jaw and forming almost a goatee, he had a straight nose that had taken some damage but still looked good, his eyes were near covered under the black baseball cap, his seductive mouth grew into a wicked smirk.
    ‘You look even better on the front.’ He spoke roughly, his southern country accent aphrodisiac to her ears. He sipped his beer, the movement stretched his black, grey print t-shirt he had on top of a dirty white long sleeve, and she swallowed.
    ‘Thanks.’ She frowned, she hadn’t just…
    He chuckled, and she swore her tummy did a little twist that traveled down towards her… right, the beer, get the beer. She ducked past him, and found the cooler, she fished out a Coors instead of another Bud and turned to sigh at the whole situation and look for Lacey, but stopped appruptly, running into her steel eyed guy.
    ‘What’s your name?’ He said, as he didn’t make a move to separate their bodies she took a step back and nearly stumbled into the cooler.

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