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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Day 9! I was bit under my 1667 words per day with only 1135 ( oh! Star Wars coinsident ;) ) but at least I'm still well ahead with 21 085 words in total!

Today was all about Trissa and Dodge talking it out with one big twist, a cliffhange of sorts. ;)

My favorite passage from "BURN" today: ( from rough draft, contains typos, you have been warned ;) )
      'What about when you're happy?'
      'I don't know, I use to be smiling all the time, now I only smile professionally or when with my family.' She frowned, not liking what came out of her mouth. When had she forgotten to smile?
      'What's your professional smile?' His calloused hand letting go of her arm.
      Opening her eyes she propped herself up and smiled at him.
      ‘Huh?’ He said quietly. ‘I've seen you smile, but I haven't seen that one before.’
      ‘Really?’ She blushed a little, that hit too close to comfortable. ‘I didn't know...’
      ‘Don't blush, baby doll.’ He crushed her to him. ‘I like that you don't use it on me, I like that I can make you smile genuinely.’
      ‘I find it eerie.’ She said, flopping down on him.
      She felt his chest move as he chuckled.
      She fell asleep pretty quickly, and instead of dreaming of Dodge, she dreamt of Bud, and the unknown business man, and Hastings arresting whoever Cracken was, he was laughing at the man, telling him he was crazy. She didn't like the dream, it made her feel uncomfortable, and when she woke up, alone, she was covered in sweat. Sleepily she walked back into the bathroom and showered again, walking back to Dodge's bedroom there was a glass of water and two painkillers. She smiled, she never got hangovers anymore, but the thought that Dodge had thought of it warmed her like it so shouldn't have.
      Dodge came back in ten minutes as she was battling to make the age-old coffee maker to work, she was wearing his plain black t-shirt, that came to her thighs as Dodge came in and  kissed her lips.
      ‘Dude, I haven't brushed my teeth!’
      ‘And this is why...’ He dug the plastic bag and pulled out a toothbrush. ‘I got you this!’
      She giggled like she was back in her teens at his victorious expression under his basic black cap, she took the brush and the toothpaste, and started to brush her teeth by the kitchen sink, while he tackled the coffeemaker. Having brushed and rinsed she turned to Dodge.
      ‘So would you like to explain the case of my missing clothes.’ She lifted and eyebrow at him.
      He shrugged as he leaned on the wooden counter. ‘I hid them in case you got the case of cold feet while I was out getting you some essentials… plus I really, really, like you in my t-shirts.’
More tomorrow... :)

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