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Monday, November 28, 2011


"Samhain marks the end of summer and the preparation for winter. To many, Samhain is merely Halloween, but to Pagans, it is a day when the veil between the worlds is thinnest, and we can reconnect with our beloved deceased. Samhain is a joyful celebration where we invite the spirits of our loved ones into our homes to remember and honor them."
Read my 5 Star Review of Samhain Anthology & Interview with Marlene Dotterer here!

My second of the three interviews is with Rosa Sophia, the author of Samhain Anthology’s Evening Out and the novel “Taking 1960”.
Evening Out
Betty Lou got fired and staying cooped up at home isn’t her idea of a good time so a walk in the cold and cloudy evening with a friend sounds like a great idea. As they pass the graveyard talking about how their personal lives are experiencing draught they spot a girl, a familiar looking girl sitting on a gravestone. There’s something odd about the girls the way she talks, acts and the fact that she’s dressed quite poorly for such cold weather. It is a month later that they meet Jennifer again as their car breaks down and they are forced to cut through the graveyard as they witness a brutal assault and escaped the two men guilty of it. Who were the attackers, why did the attack the man and just how does Jennifer know them?

Loved Rosa Sophia’s writing, it was like talking with a friend, and as the mystery grows you get a nice feeling of eeriness without the thread. I liked it a lot!

Niina : Welcome to For The Love of Reading! I’m glad you could make it. Can you tell my readers here 5 little fun facts about yourself?

Rosa Sophia : Hello, and thank you for having me! Five fun facts, eh? I guess that depends on your definition of fun! I live in south Florida and I work in a library. Some people consider it a fun fact that my hair reaches about four inches past my knees, and that rather than go to school for writing or English, I am working on an Associates Degree in Automotive Technology.  I also have at least twelve unpublished novels that are either complete or half-written.  That about sums it up!

Niina : What did you most enjoy about writing for the  Samhain Anthology?

Rosa : More than anything, I feel very proud to be a part of Pagan Writers Press.  Previously, my biggest accomplishment was my novel, Taking 1960, which was published last summer.  So it is nice to see my name in print again, as both an author and an editor.  I am also very proud of the mission statement of both PWP and Pagan Writers Community, and I enjoy helping the organizations as best I can, so that we can continue to unite writers and readers of alternative faiths. 

Niina : So, how important is it to get Samhain out there at Halloween time?

Rosa : Very important.  Samhain is important to Pagans, and this anthology, Pagan Writers Presents Samhain, is a wonderful way to make this information available to those who are curious.  I believe that it is important for Pagans to try to be open about their beliefs.  After all, people tend to fear or dislike what they do not understand.  If we open up a bit, perhaps people will at least try to understand.

Niina : What drew you to writing paranormal mystery?

Rosa : It just kind of happened.  Since I was a child, I have had the ability to see spirits—ghosts.  My Sight is an important part of my life; naturally, it makes it into my writing.  However, Paranormal Mystery is not all I write.  I also like to write historical pieces, fiction, and poetry.

Niina : What is the biggest “no-no” when it comes to writing for you?

Rosa : I cannot say that I have one.  When it comes to editing, though, my pet peeves include run-on sentences, and characters that have a tendency to nod and smile constantly, much like bobble-head dolls!

Niina : LOL! Yeah that would be no good. :) What about, which character in your story became your favorite?

Rosa : In “An Evening Out”, which is in the anthology, my favorite character is Betty Lou.  And, of course, Jennifer.

Niina : Were any of the characters/events based on real life characters/events?

Rosa : Yes and no.  I did not truly base the characters off anyone.  However, Betty Lou is the name of a very good friend of mine.  My friend is a wonderful person, totally fun to be around, and she is also a writer.  But she and the character are not similar.

Niina : Now a little about how you write… What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk?

Rosa : My eyes glaze over and I become somewhat zombie-ish.  If I have contact with any actual human beings when I am still thinking about my writing, even after I have stopped writing, someone usually asks me if I am okay, or tells me that I look depressed, or that I look ill, or something of that nature.  It used to irritate me, because everyone always thought I was upset about something—I was just deep in thought.

Niina : How do you write, chapter here and there or follow from beginning to an end?

Rosa : From beginning to end, generally straight through.  I usually know the title, the beginning, and the end, before I even start writing.  If I do not know what happens in the end, it usually stops me from starting in the first place.

Niina : What’s the worst advice for writers you’ve received?

Rosa : You can’t make any money doing that and I don’t think you should do this so much; I think it’s unhealthy.  You can make money doing this, and it’s very healthy.  Good for the soul!

Niina : What do you like to do when you are not writing?

Rosa : I enjoy traveling, photography, running, yoga and walking.  I like to go to the beach, and I like to go fishing.  Most of all, my “thing” is cars.  I love to work on cars.  As I always say, there’s nothing better than the smell of fresh coffee and engine grease in the morning!

Niina : And now before we say goodbye some Quick Fire Questions:

Cats or dogs? Cats.  (I’m practicing to be an old cat lady.)
Coffee or tea?  Both.
Dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Dark.
Rocks or flowers? Both.
Beach or forest? Ah, both!
Night or day? Night.
UF (Urban Fantasy) or PNR (Paranormal Romance)?  Urban Fantasy.
Bad boys or good cops? Both.
Brunettes or Blonds? Er, both!
Vampires or werewolves? Neither. I just think this entire fad is quite silly.
Romance or erotica? Erotica.
Mystery or Thriller? Mystery.
Men:  Alpha-male or submissive? Submissive. 
Male POV or female POV (Point Of View)? Both are important to a good story.
Pick-up or Mini-van? Pick-up—Chevy, to be specific.
Beer or Wine? Neither—Whiskey!
Pizza or Restaurant?  Either one is fine by me. Who’s buying?
Cake or Donuts? Neither.  Too sweet!
TV or DVD? Neither, I prefer to read.
Movies: Romantic comedies or Action/Adventure? Action / Adventure, and just comedy.  Like Mel Brooks, for example!
Winter or Summer? Summer.
Times New Roman or Courier? Times New Roman.
Crayons or markers? Markers.
Pens or pencils?  Pens.
Kids or pets? Pets.

Niina : Thanks for visiting the For The Love of Reading, Rosa!

Rosa : Thanks again for having me!

Rosa Sophia is the author of the Paranormal Mystery Taking 1960.  Her next novel, Check Out Time, will be published soon; the release date is as yet undecided.  Rosa Sophia is an editor and has worked for various online magazines, including Pagan Writers Community and Wild River Review.  Currently, she edits for both Oaklight Publishing and Pagan Writers Press.  Rosa resides in south Florida and is attending college for Automotive Technology.  Please visit her website and her blog for more information about her writing and her editing services.

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