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Thursday, November 10, 2011


Day 10! 1175 words today, not stellar progress, but got something down atleast, actually I really liked where the story is going now, getting bit more exciting, bit more menacing. 22 260 words in total!

My favorite passage from "BURN" today: ( from rough draft, contains typos, you have been warned ;) )
     He stood there for a moment looking like he got caught, then his expression changed and he closed the door behind him.
     ‘What are you doing?’ She fought the urge to take a step back, something wasn’t right.
     ‘Oh Trish you really should have stayed with Lacey.’ He said and stuck the keycard into his pocket.
     His voice was different and she couldn’t help feeling rattled. ‘I think you should leave.’
     ‘Yeah, I’ll leave, sweet thing, but you’re coming with me.’
     ‘I don’t think so.’ She went for her phone, as he charged for her, she yelped as he tackled her to the table and dropped her to the floor, pain radiated from her ribs to her stomach as she tried to move from underneath him.
     ‘If you’d just stayed with Lacey, I wouldn’t be here, and you wouldn’t be getting wrangled.’
     ‘Get off me you dipshit!’
     ‘What language Ms. Maclean.’ He laughed as he pulled a cotton handkerchief out of his pocket, the thing smelled, and she suddenly realized in such how deep she was. She smashed her arm up straight and got him in his chin, he bit his tongue and cursed her, pushing the cotton on her face, she trashed and tried to claw him, which he ducked from. The world started to go fuzzy before it went black, and the last thing she heard was a low, menacing chuckle.

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