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Monday, November 7, 2011


I got couple of really interesting books this past week and I though I'd share!
You could almost say this is a Feminist entry! ( Some feminists identify women's sexual liberation as the real motive behind the women's movement. Naomi Wolf writes, "Orgasm is the body's natural call to feminist politics." )

I got Read My Lips! A Complete Guide to the Vagina and Vulva, Health, Culture and Pleasure by Debby Herbenick & Vanessa Schick

Many, if not most, people remain in the dark about the actual workings of the vagina and vulva. The primary purpose of Read My Lips is to educate women and men about the vulva and vagina in a manner that is smart, informative, and entertaining. Readers, both women and men alike, will come to think differently about women's genitals and become a little more curious and a lot more comfortable with them. They will learn more about the female body in terms of health, sex, pleasure, culture, and art. Though based on sound scientific and medical research, Read My Lips is accessible to the masses, so women and men who are curious about the clitoris, Brazilian waxing, labiaplasty, or whether the G-spot really exists, will find something of interest in these pages. Chapters focus on sex and the vulva/vagina which, in spite of the many interesting cultural and historical aspects of vulva and vagina lore, remains of central interest to many people - as it should, given that women's genitals, and how they work, especially in regard to sex, remain a mystery to so many well-intentioned lovers. In keeping with the overall theme of celebration and education, the authors take a sex-positive, pleasure-focused perspective on women's genitals, pointing out the parts that can help women to enjoy sex and feel more comfortable in their own bodies.

I also got some French Lingerie as well!
And let's be honest what kind of girl doesn't like French lingerie?

I remember reading a study of why women wear sexy underwear wether married, single or dating -  sure men like them, but the main reason women stated was that hiding sexy underwear, under their jeans or powersuit made them feel powerful, sexier and more in control.

"Of course, we should not forget that other than fashion, there is one more significant reason why you should wear sexy lingerie. This applies to those girls who are blessed? with a partner. That is passion. Sexy lingerie is more than enough to spark his desires and tease him in a very effortless way."

I love to wear lingerie. The problem is that men always rip it off too quickly. When women are dolled up in lingerie they feel sexy. So let us wear it for five minutes. ~ Karen McDougal

Another book I received as part of a Tour was The Lonely Dominant by Elle Jade. Comes out Nov 14th.

Here is an excerpt:

"I was so lost in her eyes I almost forgot what I was doing there in the first place. I glanced down and noticed she was ready for bed. She was wearing flannel pajama bottoms that hung dangerously low, off her hips, and a tight, light, gray tank top. And, from what I could see, she wasn't wearing a bra. There was nothing particularly sexy about the attire except maybe her nipples pushing against the thin material of the top, but she somehow made it look hot. She was perfect.

"Hey." She smiled. "Long day?"

"Can I come in?"

She nodded as she pushed the door open. I followed her into the room, but I couldn't wait any longer to touch her. I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her toward me. When I covered her mouth with mine, she quickly deepened the kiss as I ran my hands up the sides of her body.

"Did you miss me?" She traced her thumb across my bottom lip.

I like when she touches me.

"More than you can imagine." I walked us over to the bed. "Why aren't you in my room?"

She pushed the hair out of my eyes and smiled. "Was I supposed to be?"

"We don't have any rules during the week, but I'd rather hoped you'd be waiting for me when I got home." I tugged on her bottom lip with my teeth. "Unless you don't want to share my bed?"

I arched a brow at her, realizing she was well within her rights to deny me. I just hoped she wouldn't."

Business, fun and pleasure all wrapped up for this week!

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