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Thursday, November 3, 2011


For The Love of Reading! is the Blog of The Week at Franny's book blog Mind Reader this week!
Go check out my interview @ Mind Reader!

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Good morning everyone and welcome to a new week of BOTW! 
Each week I'll feature a blog and I will have a chat with the person behind it. If you want your blog to be featured just send me an email!
Today, I'm having a chat with Niina from For The Love Of Reading.

Tell us when you started blogging and why.
I started blogging at the end of June, I’ve been a blogger for 4.5 years before and reading a whole bunch so I thought I’d unite the two passions. And this year I’ve ran into such good book blogs I wanted to be part of the gang. ;)

How did you come up with the name?
Originally my blog was under the title “Niina’s Reading and Reviewing” as I took my time to find the perfect name. After reading some supernatural romances something stuck and I came up with “For The Love of Reading!” It’s a little witty twist on the “oh for the love of god/for the love of all that is good/for the love of all things holy/for the love of… fill the blank.” ;) A sort of frustrated, tongue-in-cheek quip.
More @ Mind Reader!

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