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Friday, November 25, 2011


Are you on Networked Blogs? I am now as well! Come by and Follow me if you have trouble with Google Friend Connect being removed from non-Blogger sites!

And feel free to follow if you're on GFC as well! I love connecting with my fellow bloggers, and other blogs loosing GFC is robbing us of friends, we can't have that! So, let's connect some other way! Like Networked Blogs way. ;)

The easy way to go about this is to look at my SideBar on the right and click on the Networked Blogs Follow widget... and vóila you have become a follower!

Comment in this entry if you have Networked Blogs membership as well, 
I'd love to come by and connect with you too!

P.S: From Google Official Blog :
Google Friend Connect - Friend Connect allows webmasters to add social features to their sites by embedding a few snippets of code. We're retiring the service for all non-Blogger sites on March 1, 2012. We encourage affected sites to create a Google+ page and place a Google+ badge on their site so they can bring their community of followers to Google+ and use new features like Circles and Hangouts to keep in touch.

Here is my Google+ Page
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