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Sunday, November 20, 2011


“Meet Sam Kane. The oldest brother, the steadfast son, the confidant marshal - he’s never met a problem too hot to handle, until he meets Scarlett, a fiery redheaded bank robber.”

Author: Heather Long
Pages: 240 pages
Publisher: Heather Long
Published: November, 2011
Form: E-book (receiver from the publisher for an honest review)
Series: Fevered Hearts #1
Genre: Paranormal Western Romance
Amazon: Buy / $5.74
All Romance: Buy / $2.99
Excerpt: Chapter 1

1850. Sam is the marshal of Dorado, and one of the Kane brothers, he’s in charge of keeping the peace. When the vault of his town is broken into and gold stolen he find only the redheaded vixen is his hands. While the others run away with the gold, some of the town people want the girl stringed up and hanged. Taking the girl, Scarlett, to the Kane family ranch for safe keeping until she can be judged doesn’t work the way Sam would like. Riding to the ranch with her awakes desires he thought he’d already gotten out of his system, but she’s different, not to mention beautiful, strong and curvy as hell.

Scarlett and her brothers are different, marked with unearthly abilities, so when Scarlett is captured the gloves come off and it bodes ill for the small town of Dorado. Scarlett and Sam butt heads but their attraction is undeniable, so what does Scarlett truly want? Her freedom, her brothers or perhaps something that only Sam, her warden, can give her?
There were six of them, Sam. I chased them off, but I saw seven hor—” His brother cut off when he spotted the woman in Sam’s grasp. Under the faint light of his brother’s lantern, Sam saw a cascade of red hair, an up tilted chin and a sprinkle of cinnamon colored freckles across a pert nose. Between the alabaster skin and the red hair, she was a picture.

He barely took notice of the gingham shirt with its rolled up sleeves and haphazard buttons which opened at the throat and dipped invitingly down to flesh a lady should never be revealing or the tight breeches that hugged her slender shape. A boy’s clothes should not look so fine on a woman.

But her curves made them more attractive than Miss Pontfour’s dancing girls in their silks and feathers.

“Ma’am.” Kid doffed his Stetson and tucked it against his buckskin shirt.

“She’s not a ma’am.” Sam growled, irritated at the lascivious direction of his brother’s gaze and the fact that he shared the sentiment. “Roust some of the boys together and follow the horses. Wake Mr. Reynolds up. We’ll need to know how much is missing.

A sexy western where the rules of physic don’t apply!

Set in the old west where men are men and women are in a less favorable position comes a romance with a paranormal twist, werewolves, fire starters, psychics and cowboys how can you ask for more? Well you don’t, because this books great!

You easily slip into the roll of the story, and find it hard to stop reading, especially when things spice up with Scarlett and Sam. With thread approaching Horado in the aftermath of Scarlett's capture it’s up to the Kane family to protect it, and the Kane brothers are nothing if not honorable.

I loved Sam, loved his struggle to set his emotions about Scarlett right, he tries so hard to be rude and indifferent but his walls keep cracking showing he wants so much more from her. Scarlett is a great heroine, strong willed during the time of timid women, and not to mention powerful if she could control her power. The Kane brothers were such a pleasure to read, they are though, playful in the hot brotherly way.

I truly liked this story, it had that western feel to it with sexy cowboys and one hot marshal and great supporting cast of brothers on both sides of the couple! This is definitely one of my favorite western romances I’ve read in ages!

If you like your men little rough around the edges, honest and handsome - with handsome brothers! -  and your stories with a paranormal twist then this book is for you! Don’t miss these men of the old west!

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