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Saturday, November 5, 2011


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Let’s welcome Gabrielle Bisset to “For The Love of Reading!” It’s great to have her drop by tell us a little bit on Destiny Redeemed and herself. Don’t miss my review on her newest novel Destiny Redeemed a second book in the Destined Ones series, the first book Stolen Destiny is available on BookStrand!
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Let’s begin!

Niina : Welcome to “For The Love of Reading!” Gabrielle, glad you agreed to stop by!

Gabrielle Bisset : Thanks so much, Niina, for having me here today. 

Niina : So tell us five fun facts about yourself, so we can get to know you a little!

Gabrielle : Five fun facts?  Well, I'm not naturally a blond.  I love really tall men--like 6"5' and taller.  I have five cats--well, four cats and a kitten.  I can't say no to strays or cute kitten faces.  I lived in Europe for a while in my early 20s. And I hate typing.  I know, an author who hates typing is odd, but I do.  In fact, I hand write all my books and then have to type them. 

Niina : Your newest book, Destiny Redeemed is out now, what’s the second book in the series like?

Gabrielle : Destiny Redeemed is Amon's story.  Amon was the romantic villain in Stolen Destiny and he ended that book being sentenced to Nil, Aeveren prison.  In this book, he's on the run after escaping and is in pretty bad shape when he meets Thea, the Aeveren healer who ends up being his destined one. Then he has to find a way to keep her safe and keep himself out of Nil again, which isn't easy since he's a wanted man. 

Niina : What chapter did you most enjoyed writing and why?

Gabrielle : That's a tough one!  This book flowed very easily, so there really was no time when I dealt with writer's block.  I did enjoy the chapter that has Thea in Amon's home but trying to find a way to run away.  The dialogue between them ranged from very playful to quite serious and tender when she has to heal him again.

Niina : Which character in your book became your favorite?

Gabrielle : I fell in love with Amon in Stolen Destiny, so he continued to be my favorite.  His power is very seductive. And he is so sexy. 6"6' of muscle and power.  Love that! I also have to admit that Markku really grew on me.  He's also a holdover from Stolen Destiny, but in this book, he grows a bit from a toady into a real friend. 

Niina : What about your lead character makes you go, “oh don’t do that!”?

Gabrielle : Sometimes Amon can be a real hardass with people who get in his way, but in the end, he's a male who takes care of business.  I like that, so the Alpha male idea works.

Niina : What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk?

Gabrielle : I hand write everything.  Literally, everything.  I have notebooks full of 300 page books.  From what I understand, people often think this is a bit quirky.

Niina : Now to more personal questions! Your current Top 5 dangerous bad boys in literature? (and why?)

Gabrielle : #5:  Rhage of the BDB series.  I just love a tortured soul and the power to mess people up!  #4 Barrons from the Fever series.  No explanation there, I guess.  He's just something else.  #3 Eric from the Sookie Stackhouse series.  I have to admit, the Eric on television series really colors that choice, though.  #2  Saloman from Marie Treanor's Awakened By Blood series.  I do love an ancient vampire with dreams of world domination.   #1 Vishous from the BDB series.  Love V!  Intelligent, sexy, and dominant.  I can't think of a better combination.

Niina : V and Rhage are my favourites as well. ;) What about who is currently your book boyfriend?

Gabrielle : I just finished reading Blood Eternal by Marie Treanor, so it would have to be Saloman.  What a vampire! He's just so smooth.

Niina : If you could only read 5 Paranormal Romance books for the rest of your life what would they be, and why?

Gabrielle : Lover Unbound, Lover Eternal,  Blood on Silk, Dark Magic, and Dark Possession.  The BDB series is just one of my favorites.  I love V and Rhage.  Blood on Silk is just an incredibly well-written vampire tale, so that has to be there.  And I love Christine Feehan's Dark books.  That woman can write a sex scene that peels the paint off the walls!

Niina : If we could ask Amon  what job he’d get if he was human, what would he answer?

Gabrielle / Amon : Amon here.  If I had to work, I'd own a club.  Maybe a BDSM club.  I can see me spending my nights like that.  I've been many things in the past--from Viking marauder to Roman soldier to English gentleman--so maybe something a bit more exciting. Have any ideas, Gabrielle? Amon, I can see you as a club owner. You've got a way about you that commands respect. Or maybe mercenary. 

Niina : LOL! I can see that… Now, what's the best part about being an author? And what’s the worst?

Gabrielle : The best part about being an author is getting to tell stories I love.  The worst part is the typing of the stories. 

Niina : Now before we finish here are some Quick Fire Question:

Cats or dogs? Cats
Coffee or tea? Tea
Dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Milk chocolate
Beach or forest? Beach
Night or day? Night
UF (Urban Fantasy) or PNR (Paranormal Romance)? PNR
Bad boys or good cops? Bad boys
Brunettes or Blonds? Brunettes (except for Amon)
Vampires or werewolves? Vampires
Romance or erotica? Depends on my mood. I love both. 
Men: Alpha-male or submissive? Alpha male all the way
Male POV or female POV (Point Of View)? Male POV
Pick-up or Mini-van? Pick-up
Beer or Wine? Beer
Pizza or Restaurant? Restaurant
Cake or Donuts? Cake
Golden Girls or Family Ties? Golden Girls
Movies: Romantic comedies or Action/Adventure? Action-Adventure
Halloween or Midsummer? Midsummer
Times New Roman or Courier? Times New Roman
Crayons or markers? Crayons
Kids or pets? Kids

Niina : Thanks for visiting the “For The Love of Reading!” Gabrielle, come by any time!

Gabrielle : Thank you very much!  It was great!

Author: Gabrielle Bisset
Pages: 303 pages
Publisher: Gabrielle Bisset
Published:  October, 2011
Form: E-book (provided by the publisher for an honest review)
Series: The Destined Ones #2
Genre: Paranormal  Romance
Amazon (Kindle): Buy / $5.74
All Romance E-Books: Buy / $2.99
Excerpt: Thea finds out who Amon is...

Amon Kalins is freed from Nil, a prison for the Averean race, a race of people who have 50 lifetimes and keep their memories when reborn. Amon is undoubtedly one of the bad guys, he’s done some undoubtedly bad things in his lifetimes – but being in Nil has changed him, and as he’s broken out by his servant Gethen he is broken from his last beating and in need of a Healer.

Thea has just broken up with her boyfriend when a man appears on her door step, yanks her to him and teleports, she’s taken to the bed side of a beaten man and threatened with death if she doesn’t heal him. Healing the man drains her and before she knows she’s being held captive, but that is not the worst part, she learns his name and realizes she gone against the Council’s orders to not aid Amon, a fugitive!

What neither one of them expected was to feel more for each other, and what truly surprised them was that they are meant to be together as Destined Ones. But with past a like Amon’s and the innate goodness of Thea it just might prove impossible to have a Future.
    “She’d been warned, as all other Aeveren healers had, not to help him in any way. She hadn’t had a choice, though. His wretched man had kidnapped her from her home and when she saw him suffering before her, nature had taken over. Healing him had never been a choice but a need.
    “Thea, don’t be afraid. I told you I wouldn’t let any harm come to you, and I won’t. You’re safe as long as you’re with me.”
    The tone of his deep voice was softer now, but it didn’t make her feel any better. She remained fearful, her fingers tightly gripping the drawer handle behind her.
   “You’re Amon Kalins...” she squeaked out as her voice failed her. The hard surface of the dresser pressed against her back when she attempted to take another step back away from him.
    “The escaped prisoner from Nil.”
     Thea’s body relaxed almost against her will. Each affirmation should have made her fear for her safety all the more, but it didn’t. Something in his voice soothed her.”

I liked the story, the idea of having Destined Ones, like a hyped up version of Soul Mates, and being human in deciding if they want to be together or not (more often than not the couple fits, but there are exceptions). Added with Amon’s sordid past and his treatment of women before Thea causes friction so the story has its hindrances to the romance, like a good story should!

Amon I liked from the very beginning, even though his past isn’t women friendly, but he seems to realize he’d done wrong and truly feels sorry and afraid what his past actions will cause to his future with Thea who he loves. Though infidelity is something a lot of women can’t forgive, so Amon’s character is treading the water here a little.

Thea I liked a lot in the beginning, she’s resourceful and kind but when she finally gets a Destined One all her sense seems to leave the building and it takes sometime before she realizes it herself. You really can lose yourself in love, and finding your strength again is truly mandatory.

This book is definitely a romance, there are really steamy parts where Amon is testing wither she wants him or not, or enjoying her when she’s his, and so this story gets thumbs-up for the bedroom scenes!

This is for you if you want your romances to have obstacles in front of the couple and their Happily-Ever-After. You might want to read the first book in the series first, Stolen Destiny to be on top of Amon’s past and to learn more about the world.

Rating :

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