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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Day 3! I got all the way up to 9205 words today! :) Which means I did 2045 words in the past 1h 45mins, though I moved the story forward these pages seems bit loose, so revising will hit them hard I think.
What happened today? We learn Trissa's profession and find out Dodge has a possesive streak.

My favorite passage from "BURN" today: ( from rough draft, contains typos, you have been warned ;) )
     ‘I doubt anyone loved Bud, he didn’t have money, but people did sure hate him a lot.’ Dodge said his hand rubbing her thigh a little, like he couldn’t help himself. Trying to focus on talking and ignoring the pleasant feeling of his touch she drank her coffee, watching Dodge watching her. He swallowed, his eyes locking on her.
     ‘Why not.’ He asked, his beautiful voice rougher than its normal grittiness.
     ‘We talked about this, no kissing.’ She said softly, she chastised herself, she needed to sound firm. ‘I know what affairs are, I’m the master of them…’
      His eyes suddenly sparked black, and he near growled.
     ‘God, not like that, it’s my job to know, I’m a matchmaker, a very high-end matchmaker.’
      His gaze calmed moderately, he rubbed at her thigh, then suddenly leaned up covering her mouth with his, his teeth nipping at her bottom lip until she opened her mouth with an inhale, he plunged in his tongue to taste her, grabbing her by the waist, pulling her up with him Dodge turned her against the kitchen table, sitting her on it and yanking her legs to circle his waist. She moaned softly, pressing against his hard chest and tightened her grip on his waist, which caused him to growl in to her mouth and push his hands under her white tank top.
     ‘God, woman, I don’t like the thought of you with other men.’ He panted against her lips, his hand gripping her back.
     ‘Possessive?’ She teased, sure as hell it wasn’t a good idea, but she felt light as air in his arms.
     ‘Damn straight.’
      Smitty barked, scratching and sliding on its way past them and up the stairs. Lacey stood by the door watching them, Trissa wiggled to get free, but Dodge held her put in a steel grip, apparently he had no qualms with PDA.

Here we go, little at a time. :)

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