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Monday, November 7, 2011


I've been reading and writing so much today I can barely see right. ;) I managed to get 3138 words down today! So I'm up at 17 704 words so far.

Burn is coming up nicely, Trissa and Dodge are getting to know each other, but neither wants to truly see what they got together, what they already have. Things are getting nice and tricky, I'm wondering who actually killed Bud, well I sort of know but I might change it before the end. ;) We'll see who turns out to be a murderer. ;)

My favorite passage from "BURN" today: ( from rough draft, contains typos, you have been warned ;) )
      Trissa fought two beasts, one wanted her to bask in the glory that was the affection Dodge offered her, to soak up the adoration and the pleasure he could give and ask for seconds, the other wanted her to shrug this off before she got hurt, before things went too far, before she felt something other than lust towards him. It would be so easy to love Dodge, much easier than to love the cool n’ collected type she usually dated, she realized now that those were her safe choices and what she wanted in a guy was exactly everything Dodge was. She’d given in telling herself this was for four days, four days of passionate, rough, crude Dodge who wasn’t the type to settle down, and now she felt all warm and fuzzy inside, she liked the cuddle, she liked the feel of Dodge’s hot hard body attached to her side, his gruff beard tickling her shoulder, right below where he’d given her a love bite, blushing she smiled.
      ‘Did you bite me?’
      Dodge moved slowly as if he’d dozed off, very male of him.
      ‘Umm, yeah, I might have.’ His sleepy southern accent was something way too adorable, it reminded her of a puppy who knew he'd done wrong.
      ‘We’re not thirteen anymore.’ She chuckled and he leaned to kiss the little bite mark.
      ‘Did I hurt you?’ He asked, slight concern in his sexy voice.
      ‘No, I quite liked all the chatting, and the rough ride.’
      ‘Is that right?’ He sounded smug, sleepy but smug.
      ‘I’m gonna go get some clothes, you stay here and take a nap.’ He clung to her waist, refusing to let her go.
      ‘It’s not like I’m leaving the country.’ She smiled and brushed his short black hair back, and he eased his hold enough to let her slip off though grudgingly, he turned on his stomach on the bed, giving her a nice view of his perfect ass. Not bad at all.
      She didn’t find her panties, so she pulled her jeans on commando and took Dodge’s shirt as hers was somewhere by the main door, his shirt hung around her like a cape, the guy had wider shoulder than she’d imagined, compared to hers. She probably looked like she’d spent the past two hours having sex, but there wasn’t much that could be done about that. So she did the walk of shame to the door to collect her things, and Dodge’s.
      ‘Hi, there!’ Lacey chirped with a bottle of coke in her hand. ‘Did someone get lucky?’
      Trissa rubbed her eyes and faced her best friend, she knew what it looked like, with her hair a wavy mess, the drugged I got laid written all over her face and his shirt on her. ‘Um, well yes, I suppose so.’
      ‘I gather by the shirt, it wasn’t the Sheriff?’ Lacey grinned like a proud mother hen.
      ‘It was Dodge alright. And it was, only once, just this one time, it was just for fun, umm, it was good, really good, like mind blowing good.’ Snapping her treacherous mouth shut she blushed.
      ‘I see.’ Lacey sipped her coke standing in front of her escape to change clothes. ‘Didn’t I tell you these southern boys have a way about them?’
      ‘You did.’
      ‘I did.’ Lacey wiggled her eyebrows at her as Dodge emerged from the guest bedroom stuffing his cell into his jeans, he spot her watching his half naked form walk towards them and grinned.
      ‘I need to get going, emergency at work.’ He said and stopped in front of her, she had the strongest urge to run her fingers up those perfect cut abs and pecs until he took her against that telephone table.
      ‘Right.’ She frowned. ‘Work.’
      His face grew dark. ‘Trust me I’d much rather stay here getting buried in you until you pass out, but I really do have to go.’ She blushed as he staid put infront of her.
      ‘What do you do?’ She asked, suddenly very aware she had no idea.
      ‘I’m a custom mechanic, I co-own a firm that provides special service to race cars and such.’ He grinned at her as they stared at each other for a moment. ‘I’d need my shirt.’

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