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Monday, November 7, 2011


"Werewolves believe in soul mates. Sirens eat theirs."

Author: Annie Nicholas
Pages: 53 pages
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Published: July, 2011
Form: E-book (provided by the publisher for an honest review)
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Lyrical Press: Buy / $3.50
Excerpt: Meeting Marie

Marie Laframboise is a Siren a predatory mutation of a Mermaid, as her strip club burned down she's out of a food source, sexual energy and ventures to one of the singles parties set up by Maxwell Cox, a powerful werewolf know for wild parties.

Max doesn't want a soul mate or need one, but when a leggy blond in a red bikini crashes his party his beast awakens inside and isn't happy until she's claimed. Unwilling but unable to stop Max follows Marie into the woods, the time they spend together in mind blowing, but when he wakes up she's gone and he has no other choice but to track her down.

But Marie doesn't want a relationship, she more often kills her sexual partners than not, and the fact that Max is alive is a shock to her - and the fact that keeps coming back for more is disturbing the solid walls she's built around herself, there's more to Max than just sex and it's affecting her like nothing else had before him.

This novella was a perfect short read, the plot interesting enough to not want to put the book down until you figured out how this was going to end!

Both Marie and Max were interesting and powerful characters, neither a shrinking violet. It was very easy to feel an immediate connection to both of them, and keep rooting for them throughout the story. Loved them both!

This was well built, fun, sexy and interesting story and I wouldn't mind at all reading more about Sirens! And better yet more about Marie and Max!

I cannot go without mentioning how sexy this book is! When Marie and Max get together its fireworks, temptation and lust and it most certainly doesn't leave a reader cold. ;)

Rating :

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