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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Bars, Sex and Seduction 
~Why people hook up in bars~

            I never really thought about it before, but bars are the perfect place to seduce someone. The setting can be very romantic with the dim lighting, the music and the choice of drink a person may choose to lower their inhibitions. Lounges are wine bars are the perfect place to get in the mood, but bars with cover bands or sport bars with televisions can also create a certain type of atmosphere where hanky-panky between a couple, or say a threesome can also work.

            I always loved the idea of the show Cheers. Where better to be romanced than a place where everyone knows your name and the staff and patrons are everyone’s friends? A person is more open to being romances, seduced or even for a hook up if they trust that person they’ll drink with and talk with over the course of a night or see each week.

            With Alana’s Surrender, I wanted to create a story that takes place at a friendly hometown bar called Sisco’s. My three main characters have known each other for years, so the idea these three would be willing to hook up with one another or open to being seduced would make more sense. A sudden, one night stand type of scenario would have worked, but what if say the owner of the bar, his good friend and bartender and the lead singer of a cover band suddenly gave into their passions for one another after years of keeping it a secret?

            I’ve heard so many stories from friends and family of some sexual escapades they may witnessed or experience at a bar. A few of these stories helped me come up with the idea for Alana’s Surrender and my own bar setting. There’s so many endless possibilities an author can do with the people who work or go to the bar to listen to some music or just want to relax after a long day and have a few drinks. Also the bartender isn’t just skilled with his drinking making, but in other ways, if you know what I mean.

            So, the next time you’re enjoying a beer, a glass of wine or a soda at your local bar, just imagine what could happen behind the bar or in the backroom after last call. I can bet you there’s been some interesting hanky-panky going on, and I’m not talking about the name of a special drink either.

Thanks KT for coming over to For The Love of Reading  
and giving us something to think about next time we go out for a drink. ;)

Happy hump day people!

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