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Saturday, July 7, 2012


~Let's give a big welcome to Britt Bury! She come over today with a plenty delicious 
and a little naughty Guest Blog you don't want to miss!~

Thank you so much for having me Niina! I’m really excited about today’s topic:

Men get better with age: 
The perks of a century old lover 

         This might sound like a super awesome topic to talk about…and you’re right, it is! However, in the "real" world, immortals don’t exist. So how do you encompass multiple life-times into a single personality and write a character that is not only compelling, but realistic? If you have an answer to this, please let me know! I just flew by the seat of my pants writing Kelvin Kerr in The Darkest Day. He may only look thirty-five, but he’s pushing one-thousand. His demeanor and personality shifted several times through several different drafts. When I finally came to a simple baseline idea of what a millennia old Pookah warrior would be like, everything else fell into place.

         It is my theory that if you’ve live a freakishly long time, not much is going to embarrass, shock or amuse you.

         When I implemented this theory, suddenly, Kelvin’s mannerisms and how he handled things made sense. I didn’t need to map out his entire life-story to understand why he’d react the way he would to Izel ( the heroine ). It was simple: she shocked and amused him. And things grew from there. In turn, you have to know that a thousand year old stud is going to have some tricks up his sleeve in the sexy-time department. Kelvin equally "shocked" and "amused" Izel on more than one occasion. *wink*

         With age comes experience. Now, most likely an older immortal will have more "oo-la-la" moments than a regular mortal. The pure logic of numbers would be pretty high no matter how "restrained" he was. Even one lover a year for a thousand years will add up quick. But, this isn’t a numbers game. It’s about how you treat the people you’re with, and Kelvin always treated women with respect. The cool thing though, is that even after all his years and sexual prowess, Kelvin was still thrown for a loop by a young, virgin mortal. Did his age and experience give him an edge? Oh yeah! But while he was living all this life, he never once found real love. And once you fall for someone, it doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past, everything has a new shiny feel to it ( no pun intended ).  That has to be the best of both worlds right? To have all this confident sexy man candy coming at you, but still be able to affect him in a way no one else has been able to? Izel is one lucky bizzo!

Britt Bury writes paranormal romance where the immortals are fierce, the stakes are high, and desire can be deadly.

Britt was raised in Corvallis, Oregon and attended Oregon State University majoring in Liberal Studies. When her dream of being a professional karaoke star and Elvis impersonator didn’t pan out, she turned to writing. She currently lives in the Silicon Valley with her brilliant husband, two sons and an obscene amount of fish.

Britt's first paranormal romance releases July 3, 2012 with Grand Central's imprint: Forever Yours. Britt is represented by Jill Marsal of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.

Like I said, great Guest Blog! Now if you want to know more about The Darkest Day, check out my 5 Star Review of it!

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