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Friday, July 13, 2012


"Worlds collide when South meets North and two lives will never be the same...

Convinced everyone she falls in love with will end up six feet under, Hollee isn’t looking for a relationship when Mr. Kaiden Thorne shows up in front of her bridal agency.  She’s just looking for a way to save her small southern town from going bankrupt, and he’s the only person who can make sure that happens.  Hollee is in for more than she bargains as her attraction to Kaiden takes over and the city begins to show just how far they’ll go to make sure big changes don’t come to their small town.

Kaiden agreed to come to the tiny community for one reason: To salvage what’s left of his career.  Mistakes begin repeating themselves the second he lays eyes on Hollee, however.  If  he can’t make the project work and keep his hands off her, his second chance will be gone forever.  He learns quickly though, he’ll need patience in more ways than one when it comes to Belleville, Alabama."

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Award winning author and cover artist Elaina lives in the deep south with her husband and their two boys, a teenager and a three-year-old.   In her free time, what little she has, she graphically designs  and writes. 

Writing came for Elaina at an early age, when a teacher gave an assignment to create a fictional world.  The words haven't stopped flowing since.

Thankfully her family has always been supportive of her goals and dreams of being published and celebrates each new step she takes.  You can read more about Elaina at

             Her skirt rode up her leg as she adjusted her position, exposing almost her entire upper thigh. Kaiden lifted a brow and held his breath. He knew he should look away; if he were caught there was no telling what she’d do. The creamy expanse of shapely limb, however, made the risk worthwhile. When she let out a soft sigh, he glanced away and readjusted the vents.

             “Did you want me to try her again? I can see if she's maybe in town and we can meet her.” She shifted the gears into reverse.

             He wanted to say he wished he could see more of her. Instead he cleared his throat and nodded. “No, that's okay.”

             Her brows drew together, and she gave him a curious look. “Are you sure?” 

             Could he be a bigger jackass? Here he was drooling over her body, and she’d been nothing but sweet to him since he’d arrived. This girl was not someone he could just sleep with for the hell of it like the women he dated back home. No, Hollee was the type of woman a man bought flowers for, took on walks and kissed slowly….

             His hand fisted and he looked out the window, collecting his breath. “I’m sure.”

             Unexpected, her hand touched to his face. The back of her fingers smoothed down his cheek. When he looked her way, her hand brushed across his lips. A gasp escaped her mouth; the car crawled to a stop. 

             She pulled her hand back and pressed her fingers into her leg. “I didn’t… I mean—”

             The way her eyes kept shifting to his mouth made all thought escape his mind. Kaiden swept his hand around the back of her neck. The silky length of her hair grazed over his skin as he pulled her closer. She didn’t protest. Her lips opened slowly when his mouth touched to hers. Warm and sweet, her breath whispered into his mouth, urging him to deepen the embrace. He eased his tongue past her lips, not wanting to give more than she may be willing to take. 

             When her lips parted further and she leaned closer, Kaiden deepened the kiss. His mouth slanted over hers; a little whimper escaped her throat. Her hand gripped his shoulder, her nails dug into his skin as her fingers clenched his shirt. Slowly, he toyed with her tongue, sliding his along the inside of her mouth. Underneath his fingertips her pulse danced and a surge of desire, stronger than just a need to kiss her, sprang to life within him.

             A rapid traveling meep-meep yanked Kaiden back to reality and he broke the kiss. Panting, Hollee pulled away, shaky fingers touched to her swollen lips. She swallowed and blinked, turning away from him.
Crap. Kaiden took a deep breath and raked his fingers through his hair. “Hollee, I’m—”

             “You were just helping me put my earring back in place, nothing more,” she stated unevenly, her hand still trembling as she adjusted the temperature in the cab. “If anyone asks, that’s what you say, all right?”

             “Sure, but—”

             “No,” she snapped, turning to face him. “You don’t understand Mr. Thorne—”

             “I think you can call me Kaiden,” he interrupted, “after all, we did just—”

             Bright pink stained her cheeks, and she faced forward. The SUV lurched back. “You helped me with my earring, I am very appreciative, and that is exactly what you will tell people.” 

             Confused and a little agitated—he’d never had a woman want to deny kissing him— Kaiden buckled his seat belt. “I don’t understand, what’s wrong with my kissing you?”

             “Please,” she pleaded, her golden eyes wide. “Please just do this for me. I don’t regret kissing you, honest, it was truly wonderful, but this town cannot know it happened, okay? You just don’t understand, you’ll….” She swallowed again, her attention once more on the road. “You’ll regret ever touching me if you let them know.”

Things sure get hot in the south don't they? ;)
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