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Sunday, August 7, 2011


Author: Deborah Smith
Pages: 192 pages
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Published: August 8th, 2011
Form: E-Book (Review Copy through NetGalley)
Adlibris: Link

"Elgiva MacRoth descends from a long line of bold Scots willing to fight for their heritage. When her picturesque town comes under siege by a corporate raider, she devises a daring plan to stop billionaire Douglas Kincaid. But kidnapping a man off the rooftop of his penthouse and holding him hostage proves far less complicated than saving herself from his intoxicating sensual assault."

His golden eyed redhead captor sure makes staying in a small stone cabin in the middle of nowhere, Scotland, interesting. She cooks good trying to feed him into stupor, and it doesn't help that he feels drawn to her no matter the situation. Douglas Kincaid, a billionaire, isn't used to of being not in control and the fact that the woman holding him against his will is just about as proud and stubborn as he is.

Elgiva's plan is simple, hold Kincaid in the little cottage until he can't be trouble for her village, easy enough. But what is not easy is when the man behind the bars is gorgeous and seems to eye her in a way that makes her stomach twist in the very good way. However this is to end for her she won't go down without a fight, she's doing this for her clansmen, for her village, she has nothing to lose, except maybe her heart to dark haired man who is trying to tempt her from his half of the cabin.
"I'll make trade, El. I'll give you the microphone back if you give me what I want," Douglas told her.
She shivered. "What would you be wanting?"
He met her eyes with a gaze that had suddenly become intense. "Five minutes of you. Just standing here and not making any protests."
Elgiva understood perfectly now, and her knees grew weak. "I'll just let you starve."
This wonderfully tempting story is fun to read and easy to finish in less than a day. Chemistry between Elgiva and Douglas is sparkling, both proud, unyielding, both going for exactly what they want - but stubborn enough to not see they both might end up wanting the same thing. A nice trip to Scotland to see the battle of wills. This book sure isn't boring! Its fun, entertaining, seductive and worth a read.

Rating :

Started Reading : 7th of Aug. 2011
Finished reading : 7th of Aug. 2011

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