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Saturday, August 6, 2011


Author: Debbie Viguié
Pages: 304 pages
Publisher: FaithWords
Published: October 7th, 2011
Form: E-Book (Review Copy through NetGalley)
Series: Kiss Trilogy, Book #1
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Susan travels to Prague to her grandmother's funeral, there she visits the wonderful and mysterious city, but she feels watched, and as her roommate cousin is lured away from the hotel she has to trust a stranger to find her. It soon becomes clear she's over her head in a world with vampires fighting over the rule of the world.

David travels to Prague for a job, and finds out that being raised a good man also means that if you burst into unexpected situations your life might be in more danger than one would imagine. As it turns out he's a hard man to put down and isn't afraid to stand for those who can't protect themselves, especially when they happen to be blonde and beautiful collage students just one room over.

Raphael's past is as dark as they get, which is why he's been cursed to roam the earth a vampire to have hundreds of years to get perspective, but as his lone existence now has to include Susan, a human woman, perspective seems to falter. He sure doesn't see developing feelings for a woman a good thing, but it also seems it's not something he can simply ignore, after all he has to keep Susan safe if he wants her help to win over his enemy. But with her he gets more than he bargained for.

The gorgeous medieval and dark city of Prague creates just the right environment for vampires lurking in the shadows, with old buildings and more history than one can count Prague is the perfect place for Raphael's story to entwine with Susan's and produce one dark, but thrilling book.

Goodreads Blurb:
Centuries ago, Raphael was a blasphemous knight who fought in the Crusades purely for his own mercenary benefit, and to satisfy his taste for killing. Now, condemned for his evil passions and hypocrisy, he wanders the earth a vampire, cursed with first-hand knowledge of the supernatural world he once denied existed. The powerful relic he still possesses from his days as a Crusader has been stolen by a rival vampire who has recruited an army of soulless underlings to aid him in spreading evil. At the time he learns this, Raphael has been hunting this vampire for nearly a century, and it seems the final battle is destined to take place in Prague.
For help in this quest, Raphael must enlist the aid of two humans, David and Susan, who suddenly find themselves immersed in a world they never imagined, entangled with supernatural forces they can't control. Susan, in particular, finds herself conflicted as she struggles with her inexplicable attraction to Raphael. In the end, both Susan and Raphael will be called upon to exercise courage and faith, and in the process, the question, "What would happen if a vampire truly accepted God?" is answered.

This story follows three point-of-views Susan, David and Raphael in third person, and each one of the characters is absolute delight to read! As Susan's view ends and David's picks up it doesn't feel wrong or less, but just right. All the characters are created with souls and you can feel how they are different and individual in the story. And none of the characters are flimsy,  fake or hollow, but strong in their own ways and a pleasure to get to know.

The story is very interesting, and as I know this is Book 1 in the trilogy all I can say is What an introduction! I can't wait to read the next book out in 2012. Debbie Viguié's vampires are either very bad ( read murderers, killers, psychos even before getting turned ) or slightly to moderately redeemed, none of them turned by accident or mockery, but turned, or as she writes Cursed, only to be punished for their evil actions as humans. Which makes the vampires interesting as they begin to seek faith and redemption.

As I begun this book I knew it was going to be good, but I didn't know it was going to be excellent! This is definitely a series I will follow up on! A wonderful read for Fall days, definitely worth the pre-order.
I'd put this in Urban Fantasy genre with a bit of Paranormal Romance in it, but PG-13.

If you get one vampire book this fall, get Kiss of Night. It's for the lovers of Twilight and Mortal Instruments and those who love the idea of a dark European city with vampires stepping in front of you from a dark alley.

Rating :

Started Reading : 4th of Aug. 2011
Finished Reading : 6th of Aug. 2011

Music : Goes well with Snow Patrol's Up To Now ( Crack the Shutters and Run )

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