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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I have the pleasure of having Amanda J. Greene with me today, she’s the author of her debut novel Caressed by Moonlight! 

Amanda is also sharing a whopping 5 e-books of Caressed by Moonlight with 5 lucky readers/followers who comment in this entry according to the direction at the end of the Interview.
The Giveaway will run from August 24th - 14th of Septermber 2011 ( so no one has to wait too long! ) & it's International!

Want to read the Review on Caressed by Moonlight first? ( it includes a steamy, good length excerpt )

Now, let’s begin!
Niina : Welcome Amanda! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Amanda : Hi everyone, I am Amanda J. Greene. I was born, raised, and live in southern California. I just turned 23 this past weekend. My husband is in the military and I’m a full time university student and I work part time. I am of Italian heritage therefore I LOVE cooking and eating Italian food. My favorite hobbies are: reading, writing, traveling, and of course, spending time with my fabulously supportive family. I am a hopeless romantic and I treat my condition with heavy doses of romance novels, old/classic films – Sabrina, every cute Fred and Ginger movie, Gone With The Wind (I adore Clark Gable. He is swoon worthy), to name a few (since I could go on and on). On a side note, I’m a huge John Wayne fan, I own every Western he has ever done that has been put to DVD. (Like my grandma says, I’m an old soul) I am really into the Rat Pack, Classic Rock, 80s Big Hair Bands, new club music, and I think Tech Nine is amazing.

Niina : Now can you tell us a little about Caressed By Moonlight?

Amanda : Caressed by Moonlight is the first novel within the Rulers of Darkness series. Taking place in regency London, it features a young woman, Victoria, who is desperate need of a husband. If she does not marry, she will never be able to see the last true member of her family, her younger sister, ever again.
Dorian is a vampire king, hell bent on saving his clan from the destructive, murderous witches that hunt them. He goes to London, using himself as bate, he hopes to draw the hunters away from his people.
Dorian and Victoria meet at a ball and sparks fly. She tries her best to resist his charm, but quickly becomes his prey of passion. She is his salvation and he is her victorious knight. Together, they must fight for their lives and save his people, or all will be lost to chaos.
Niina : What made you choose early 1800’s instead of modern day?

Amanda : I wrote the original draft of this book years ago. At that point it was a historical paranormal romance and I intended it to be a single title. However, as I was going through it, polishing up, I decided to change it into a series. I kept with the historical backdrop because I felt it was romantic, it fit my characters personalities well and because it would establish a time from for the books to follow.
Caressed by Moonlight will be the only novel within the series to be historical.

Niina : So, How much fun was it creating a handsome, enticing ( and absolutely hot and sexy!) Vampire King? What/who was your inspiration?

Amanda : I came up with Dorian’s character first, I knew I wanted him to be handsome, intriguing, and powerful. I created him years ago and don’t recall having any inspiration for his character. The task was, after I made Dorian, I had to create the heroine. I knew she would have to be strong and single minded to be a good match for him. I think Dorian and Victoria work very well together.
Niina : What chapter did you most enjoyed writing and why?

Amanda : My favorite to write was the epilogue. I don’t want to give anything away, but I was excited when I wrote it – leaving it open for the next book. Most people I know who’ve read it were shocked and eager for book two, which is what I was going for.
Niina : I sure was as well! Now, what is your writing style, do you follow from beginning to end or write a chapter here and one there?

Amanda : I would love to be able to flow from beginning to end but I don’t have the time. I usually write a few pages here and there or, on my days off, I write full chapters.
Niina : So, why did you pick Paranormal Romance genre?

Amanda : I am in love with paranormal romance. Dark, mysterious, sexy, dangerous characters are exciting; coupled that with otherworldly power, and bam! I am hooked. My second favorite kind of romance would be historical romance. I am a huge fan of Johanna Lindsey. Caressed by Moonlight is the first and only book that I’ve written that bring my two favorite romance genres together.
Niina : Which way are you going with Rules of Darkness Novels?  

Amanda : I am planning on doing five books for this series. Caressed by Moonlight is the foundation of the series, it introduces all the key characters and provides some information of this complex world. As the series goes along, more information about how vampires were created and cursed will be provided. Also, within the coming books shape-shifters and witches will play a larger role.

Niina : What about if you had to choose only four Paranormal Romance novels to read for the rest of your life what would they be? (and why?)

Amanda :
1. Lover Avenged – J.R. Ward (I enjoy her style of writing and I have a huge crush on Rehvenge.)
2. Night Pleasures – Sherrilyn Kenyon (When I first read this book, I was blown away by the fresh idea. She had taken the vampire and put a whole different twist to the mystifying/believed to be evil creature.)
3. Demon in my View – Amelia Atwater-Rhodes (This is a YA book. I read this back in middle school. Aubre is dark, mysterious, and sexy. This book inspired me to start writing YA romance. I am currently working on my first paranormal YA novella, The Darkest Light. I began writing this book in high school and have decided to polish it up.)
4. Dark Magic - Christine Feehan (In my opinion, this is the best book out of the Dark series. Gregori is as powerful, tortured and smack your grandmother type of sexy. His character captivated me, his struggle within himself and I think Feehan gave him the perfect counterpart in his mate, Savannah. This book is romantic, erotic, and I loved every page.)
5. Companions of the Night - Vivian Vande Velde (I had to put this book in the list. This is the very first vampire romance novel I had ever read. It is a YA book and I highly recommend it. I fell in love with vampires in my 7th grade reading class when a friend of mine suggested I read this book. Ethan's character is again, mysterious, brooding, and seemingly off limits...hmm, there seems to be a theme going on here...I like the bad boys. This book has suspense, adventure, and romantic tension - Love it!)

Niina : Now, currently, who is your book boyfriend?

Amanda : If I have to pick only one…I would have to say, Rehvenge, from J.R. Ward’s book, Lover Avenged. That man is all kinds of yummy! I would love to (blank) him all (blank’n) day! Shhh…don’t tell my husband. I am also a sucker for Eric from the Sookie Stackhouse novels.
Niina : Mum's the word... How could a girl resist Rehvenge!? ;) Thank you for stopping by!

I’m happy to tell everyone that Amanda has agreed to Giveaway 5 e-book copies of Caressed by Moonlight to 5 lucky followers! So become a Follower, if you aren't already, comment to this entry with your email address included (example: elvenspirit[at]gmail[dot]com) and will be deciding the winners among the commenters.  I will personally email the winner (to the address given here), as well as announce them on my blog!
The “Caressed by Moonlight” Giveaway will be open 24th of August - 14th September 2011! 
Participating is easy just comment below!

Amanda, Thank you. Do you have any parting words before we wrap up? Wisdom or anecdotes to share?

Amanda : I would like to say, thank you, to everyone that has given my book a chance. I hope you all continue to enjoy my stories and grow to love my characters as much as I do.
Thank you, Niina for the review and the interview. 

Read an Excerpt of the book HERE.

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