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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Author: Katie MacAlister
Pages: 352 pages
Publisher: Signet
Published: October, 2008
Form: Paperback
Series: A Novel of the Silver Dragons #2
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Adlibris: Buy

Book #1 Playing with Fire ended with May taken away from Gabriel to be the demon lord Magoth's consort for her insolense to disobey his direct order to get the Phylactery, a dragon source of power, to him.

Now Gabriel has the Phylactery and May is in Abbadon ( read Hell ) where Magoth is trying to leer and lure her into ignitiate her consorthood as she ducks and dodges his advances while trying to find how she could return to Gabriel, her Mate.

Before long she's back on the top side in her dragon's arms, but it comes with a price one that she doesn't willingly take on.

Her twin has hooked up with Gabriel's enemy Kostya which causes friction between the two women, and it doesn't help that May has to go make peace with god her twin has upset, and that due to unfortunate insident she has to make try make good with being more dragon than she ever excepted or wanted, and noticing just how much Gabriel likes her new dragon traits. But it isn't a given that she wasn't to be anything other than her doppelganger self.

As always Katie MacAlister's dragon novels are entertaining, hot and full of great one liners and a fast pace plot with plenty of Alpha Male Dragons with yummy possessive tendensies and healthy libidos!

Fun read! Not quite as good as Book #1 but very close! Oh - and do read Playing with Fire first, this is direct continuation of the first book.

Rating : 

Started Reading : 10th of Aug. 2011
Finished Reading : 14th of Aug. 2011
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