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Saturday, August 6, 2011


Author: Diana Gabaldon
Pages: 850 pages
Publisher: Dell
Published: June, 1992
Form: Paperback
Series: Outlander Book #1
Adlibris: Link

"In 1946, after WWII, a young Englishwoman named Claire Beauchamp Randall goes to the Scottish Highlands with her husband, Frank.   She’s an ex-combat nurse, he’s been in the army as well, they’ve been separated for the last six years, and this is a second honeymoon; they’re getting re-acquainted with each other, thinking of starting a family.  But one day Claire goes out walking by herself, and comes across a circle of standing stones - such circles are in fact common all over northern Britain.  She walks through a cleft stone in the circle… and disappears.  Back into 1743, where the first person she meets is a gentleman in an 18th-century army officer’s uniform.  This gentleman, Jack Randall, looks just like her husband Frank - and proves to be Frank’s six-times-great-grandfather.  Unfortunately, he also proves to be a sadistic bisexual pervert, and while trying to escape from him, Claire falls into the hands of a gang of Highland Scots, who are also trying to get away from Black Jack Randall - though for other reasons.

In order to avoid being handed over to Captain Randall, Claire is obliged to marry one of the young clansmen.  So she finds herself trying to escape from Castle Leoch and her Scottish captors, trying to get back to her husband Frank, trying to avoid being recaptured by Captain Randall - and falling in love with Jamie Fraser, the young man she’s been forced to marry."

I have never read a book of over 800 pages so fast! And more so I have never read a book about time travel to the distant past with such vigor - the story in its self is so entertaining that you'll burn midnight oil with it, plus the way Diana Gabaldon writes is easy, encaging and if you don't get hooked on the lives of these characters it will be a miracle!

Claire is strong, wise and capable to deal with whatever is thrown at her due to her serving as a nurse in the war. And her soft side is nurturing and well mannered, there isn't a moment she looses her cool.

Jamie is young, but been through a lot, forced to grow up quick, and don't you just love it - a virgin! A highland scot who knows how to wield a sword, maim his opponents and yet he tends to Claire with such kindness and tenderness it's almost heartbreaking.

Of course we have a whole peanut gallery full of interesting characters, Jamie's uncles, a witch, residents of Lally Broch and Black Jack Randall - who all take part in turning Jamie and Claire's story to something amazing.

This book is perfect for the Autumn and I recommend it so very highly, if you see it, get it! :) It doesn't lack any romance, steamy love scenes or adventure, and who doesn't love an interesting time travel story.

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Music : Goes perfectly with Loreena McKennitt's album Book of Secrets ( )

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