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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Author: Richelle Mead
Pages: 327 pages
Publisher: Razorbill
Published: April, 2008
Form: Paperback
Series: Vampire Academy #2
Book Depository: Buy
Adlibris: Buy

Since the first book the weather has grown cold and winter is coming to Montana, Rose faces an interview to see wither she is adapt to become a guardian or not, by a legend. Her trainer Dimitri and her take to the road only to find a bloody massacre, the Strigoi have attacked and more disturbing it looks like they aren't working alone like normal.

The news of the attack spread quickly and Christmas plans are done over and St. Vladimir's Academy filled with visiting Moroi families which also brings out Rose's mother to the school - happy reunion? I think not.

With the Strigoi and her mother in town you'd think Rose wouldn't have time to remember the feelings she has for Dimitri, but those are there to stick, it doesn't matter that Mason, a fellow guardian novice is head over heels in love with her or that Christian's aunt Tasha has appeared to make her move on Dimitri - Rose still wants him and doesn't want to share. But knowing she cannot have him, regardless.

We also get to meet cocky and aristocratic Adrian, a Royal Moroi, who becomes interested in Rose and Lissa,  interested in both but in different ways.

Welcome to Vampire Academy's Winter Wonderland!

This is just as interesting and fun, emotion filled as Vampire Academy Book 1 was! You get to ride the story out swiftly, the story picks up easy recapping the first book and then keeps moving one event after another, and most enjoyable, definitely, is the ski trip to a Moroi resort.

Rose's story entwined with all the others is addictive to read. I highly recommend YA readers to follow up on the series after book one, it's worth it. I mean don't you want to know what happens to Dimitri and Rose, Lissa and Christian, what are the Moroi up to, what's the Spirit Element? Yeah, I thought so. ;)

Rating :

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