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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I have the pleasure of having J.D. Thompson with me today, she’s the author of her debut YA novel Silver and Stone! J.D.  is also sharing a e-book copy of Silver and Stone with one lucky reader who comments in this thread according to the direction at the end of the Interview.
Want to read my not-too-much-revealed review first, then click here. Plus, you don't want to miss the little chat with the main characters Lucas and Alexis at the end of the interview! And the first excerpt of Silver and Stone!

Let’s get started!

Niina : Tell us five fun facts about yourself?

J.D : 1. I have an unhealthy obsession with books. (I would read in my sleep if it were humanly possible)
2. I sing in the shower. Badly.
3. I drink an obscene amount of coffee.
4. I blame most of my nonstop multi-tasking on adult ADHD, and thank God for it.
5. If I could, I would live on chocolate chip cookie dough.

Niina : Silver and Stone is out now, can you tell what gave you the idea for the book, and the series?

J.D : To be honest, the idea came to me while reading yet another YA vampire novel. I finished it thinking disappointedly: "Well that was just like every other book I've read in the last year." So I began thinking of what had yet to be done in the YA genre, and what I would like to see as a reader. From there Lucas was born, as well as Alexis and the mysteries that surrounded her.
Niina : I loved the character of Alexis, but how was writing Lucas, as he knows a lot more of everything going on than Alexis?

J.D :  It was hard at times not to give too much away. From Lucas's standpoint, it was a waiting game. Knowing what was going on yet having to wait for Alexis to discover it herself. It was a challenge.

Niina : I fell quickly in love with Weatherford Prepatory School? What was your inspiration for it?

J.D : My greatest inspiration for Weatherford Preparatory School was Bishop's University in Lennoxville Quebec. The campus is so beautiful and definitely has the historical look I was going for. From there I added my own elements to the mix.
Niina : What chapter did you most enjoyed writing and why?

J.D :  I think I had the most fun writing Chapter 18. Anyone who has read Silver and Stone would know why! haha!

Niina : Oh yeah I enjoyed reading that! Used a quote from that chapter as well in the review. ;) So, why did you pick Young Adult genre?

J.D :  It's the genre I can relate to the most. At the moment it would feel forced to write anything else.  

Niina : What is the ideal writing setting for you, what must be on hand or near by?

J.D :  I prefer to write in darkness for one. The other must-have would be coffee or any caffeinated beverage to my disposal. Sometimes I'll play music that fits the emotion of the particular scene I'm writing.

Niina : Now, which way are you going with Bloodlines Novels?

J.D : Without giving too much away, the Bloodlines series is going to be a rollercoaster that's for sure. The intertwining relationships will definitely be tested throughout the novels. And (spoiler alert) some lives will be lost along the way.

Niina : Now to more personal questions! Your current Top 5 dangerous bad boys in literature? (and why?)

J.D : 1. Eric Northman, True Blood series by Charlaine Harris. I know I said I was over vampires, but that Viking is irresistible.
2. Noah, the Notebook by Nicholas Spakrs. Ok, so he's not totally a bad boy but he's an underdog.
3. Damon Salvatore, the Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith. I know I know… another vampire. But come on, how can someone NOT love Damon?
4. Will, Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. I'm a sucker for men with dark hair and light eyes. 
 5. Lucas Alexander, Silver and Stone. Yes, it's a bias opinion, but I love him all the same! haha

Niina : Now, currently, who is your book boyfriend?

J.D : Since I'm currently writing Blood and Champagne, my heart is with Lucas.
Niina : Would you rather meet real vampires or werewolves?

J.D :  Werewolves, hands down. Don't get me wrong, there are a few vampires listed above that I would sink my own teeth into, but werewolves are usually written in a more rugged and manly way.

Niina : I you could only read 5 YA books for the rest of your life what would they be, and why?

J.D : 1. All of the Harry Potter series, on repeat - for eternity. I'm a total Potterhead.
2. The Hunger Games because in my mind there was nothing not to like.
3. Twilight (cliché, I know) because it started the vampire/werewolf craze that exists today.
4. Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I loved the integration of mythology in our modern times.
5. The Bloodlines Series ;) had to throw that one in there too. 

Niina : Flirting with the idea of bringing a new mythological/paranormal creature to page, what would be exciting to write about?

J.D : I'm still toying with that idea actually. I've already begun thinking of what will come after the Bloodlines series is completed. I guess I'll just keep that one to myself for the moment ;)

Niina : We must just wait then. ;) In real life would you go for Lucas,  Theo  or *gasp* Blake?

J.D : I think at one point in high school everyone has dated a Blake. Now, being older and wiser, I wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole. With Lucas and Theo it's a little more complicated since their personalities are so different yet I'm a little bit in love with both of them. I think Alexis would agree with me on this one!

Niina : Before we wrap up with you, tell us one of your guilty pleasures?

J.D :  I have to admit my guilty pleasure at the moment is sleep! I don't nearly get enough of it. So I take every random opportunity to get some extra Zs in there!

( And now for something complitely different... yes-- bad/brilliant brittish humor. ;) I hade the pleasure to speak with Lucas, I tried to keep the questions from revealing too much about him so surprises aren't spoiled for those of you who aren't familiar with S&S yet, but revealing for those of us who have read it! )

Niina : I have never interviewed anyone like you before, thanks for agreeing to let us get to know you a little better.

Lucas : I've never been interviewed before, so I guess it's a first for both of us!

Niina : How old are you? I don’t mean to sound rude, just you seem like an old soul?

Lucas : Technically, I'm ageless. I've been around since the beginning of man, so to speak.
Alexis : He's old Niina, like the Crypt Keeper old.
Lucas : Seems to me I remember seeing you around in roman times Alexis.
Alexis : Yes but I'm reborn. It's different.

Niina : Alexis does have a good point... Talking of Alexis can you tell me what you most love about her?

Lucas : I love the way she's totally oblivious of her beauty. She has no idea what affect she has on others, and on me. It's endearing.

Niina : Awwww... What was the last romantic thing you did for her?

Lucas : I believe condemning myself to an eternity of exile tops the list.
Alexis : Yeah, I told you not to do that.
Lucas : You know I'd do it again.

Niina : You two are adorable together! What about what was the last romantic thing Alexis did for you?

Lucas : (laughing hysterically)
Alexis : What? I do romantic things!
Lucas : Uh huh.
Alexis : I do!
Lucas : (smirking) Next question please.

Niina : Heh, so is this forever for you two, no more looking at other pretty girls?

Lucas : I only have eyes for her.

Niina : But there’s Theo, you feel jealous?

Lucas : I don't think I've had anything to worry about so far.

Niina : Ending on a happy note, what's the one food you and Alexis can’t live without?

Lucas : Since I've been around for so long, I've had to opportunity to follow the evolution of food so to speak. That being said, I have become increasingly fond of this Kraft Diner Alexis keeps feeding me.
Alexis : It's tasty. It's cheesy. What's there not to like?

Niina : Thank you for taking time to answer the questions!

I’m happy to tell everyone that J.D. has agreed to Giveaway a copy of  Silver and Stone to one lucky reader! So Comment to this entry and add your email address ( example: elvenspirit[at]gmail[dot]com ) to the comment and will be deciding a winner among the commenters. I will personally email the winner (to the address given here), as well as announce them on my blog! The “Silver and Stone” Giveaway will be open 31st of August  - 16th September 2011! J.D. Thank you for stopping by!

The giveaway has closed - check out the lucky winner here!

Now to get you hooked here is first Excerpt from Silver and Stone!

    The autumn colors are striking. Brilliant patches of gold, orange and red spread as far as the eye can see. I know this because Lucas tells me, not because I am paying any attention to the scenery. I am much more enthralled by Lucas himself, observing every fine feature thoroughly. The whole world could be in black and white at the moment and I wouldn’t notice.
    He is beautiful. A masterpiece. Whoever is in charge of choosing such things as appearance and charisma did a damn fine job when it came to Lucas Alexander. His bone structure alone is to be envied. Square, chiseled jaw line and high cheekbones, no doubt leaving people regularly guessing his nationality. His tanned skin seems golden in the afternoon sunlight, complimenting his brown locks perfectly. But the feature that can spontaneously stop my heart at any given moment are his eyes. Deep-set and glowing green, it’s as though I can see everything that is Lucas through those two anatomical windows. Above them are lashes so long and thick they look fake. I actually know people who pay good money for eyelashes like those.
    All this beauty combined with a killer personality is practically unheard of. Which brings me back to myself. Why Lucas has chosen to spend his time with me is illogical. I’m nothing special. My dark curls are unruly, always out of control regardless the industrial amount of styling products I load onto them. The freckles covering my nose don’t fade no matter how much time I spend away from the sun. From an objective point of view I would consider myself cute but nothing even close to the level of beauty that Olivia and Amber hold.
    It must be the loner factor. I get the appeal; young girl in a crisis, with very little friends to turn to, needing a knight in shining black Escalade to sweep her off her feet. Or maybe I seem mysterious, an outsider that is both innocent and dangerous. A guy always likes a challenge, right?
    It’s not as though he has told me he loves me, or even made our relationship official for that matter. We’re still in that weird ambiguous stage of dating where neither parties have made the first step to locking down the other. I had a similar experience with Blake when we first started seeing each other however it wasn’t long before he took it upon himself and declared us a couple. I hadn’t been consulted on the matter of course, as discussions generally ran short with Blake, but if it meant that I was the proud girlfriend of a star athlete I didn’t care much for talking. I realize that may peg me as superficial but it was the truth at the time. Blake isn’t the deep, thinking type. He is no onion; there aren’t many layers to Lacrosse King Blake. 
    Lucas is unusual that way. I can tell that there is much more lurking underneath the attractive surface and that the boy is more complicated than he lets on. I see it when his eyes cloud over, shadows rolling across his usually pleasant gaze with the mention of things like fate or destiny. I choose to ignore it for now. To be honest I’m afraid that bringing up the subject might be like opening Pandora’s box.
    A rustling in the nearby branches pulls me out of my Lucas-ogling daze faster than I care to. My footsteps come to an abrupt halt as I stare motionless at the now still bushes. Let it have been the wind blowing through the trees, or even another one of my weird daytime hallucinations. Let it be anything but a bear.
  As I look to Lucas for reassurance, I can cross hallucination off the list of possible suspects, since he has become just as frozen as I. My heart is beating hard and fast, the thumping so powerful I’m sure I could detect a pulse through my jacket.
    “Did you see that?” I whisper.
    Another rustle in the trees sends me reeling and Lucas covers my mouth with his right hand to avoid my screaming. I’m afraid of anything larger than a Labrador so a bear most definitely qualifies a top spot on my list of most dangerous animals. I remember a tip I learned during my short stint with the girl scouts: when one encounters a bear it is suggested to play dead. I’ve not yet reached the point of dropping to the floor like a rag-doll and to be perfectly truthful I doubt my being immobile will prevent becoming the beast’s appetizer.
    Lucas’s stare has narrowed as his eyes follow the movement in the trees, his darkening expression only adding to the growing panic in my stomach.
    “Don’t move.” Lucas commands, holding a hand up to order me still, as though his authoritative tone wasn’t enough to scare me shitless.
    Silently, Lucas tiptoes towards the bushes. So silent in fact that his quiet steps remind me of a bird, weightless and airy, and I wonder for a moment if he isn’t levitating. For someone so big I would have thought him to be clumsy. I should know better than to make such sweeping generalizations; I’m living proof that not all small things are agile.
    Again, another movement comes from behind the wild autumn trees only this time I get a quick glimpse of something breeze between the branches. Something big and black.
    My hands begin to tremble as I create the scenario in my head; a gargantuan grizzly dismembering my puny sixteen year old body and then eating Lucas as a Happy Meal. I take two feeble steps back hoping to distance myself without drawing too much attention. I would have thought Lucas would be doing the same, since provoking a bear clearly isn’t the smartest thing to be doing, yet he is still approaching the unidentified black creature as though it were nothing more than a kitten.
    “Lucas,” I hiss. “Get back here!”
    He is only a few feet away yet, while I keep backing away and Lucas keeps a steady pace forward, the distance between us seem like miles.
    “Seriously, Lucas, do you have a death wish or something? Let’s get out of here!”
    In an act of bravery, or sheer stupidity I can’t be sure, I step forward and forcefully grab Lucas’s arm. We will get off this stupid trail even if I have to knock him out and drag the boy the entire two kilometers back to the SUV. Finally, Lucas turns away from the area in question and looks me square in the eye.
    “I told you to stay where you were.” Lucas utters under his breath.
  The normally soft spoken Lucas that I’ve come to know is gone and for the first time since we’ve met I’m scared. Not of Lucas per se, he’s too much of a gentleman to ever hurt a woman. No. What I’m afraid of is that the innate male gene imbedded within him will actually make Lucas believe that he can take on a half ton monster. His eyes are wild and I can feel his skin vibrating with inflamed energy from under my hand.
  “Lucas, this was a bad idea. Let’s leave before – “
   But my sentence is left unfinished. Instead, I am thrown to the ground forcefully by Lucas, who in one sharp motion is covering my entire fetus-positioned body with his massive frame. Above our heads I hear the loud beating of wings, so powerful that the rhythmic gusts stir up dust from the trail into our faces making my eyes sting like fire and my lungs gasp for air. I am nearly blinded but I squint hard to see past the dirt cloud that surrounds us into the sky. At first I see nothing, the sand storm too thick too pierce through. But as the steady flapping grows further and the cloud dissipates, just before disappearing behind a cluster of trees, I briefly catch sight of a pair of massive black wings in the sunny October skies.

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