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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Author: Katie MacAlister
Pages: 352 pages
Publisher: Signet
Published: May, 2008
Form: Paperback
Series: A Novel of the Silver Dragons #1
Amazon: Buy
Adlibris: Buy

May is cat burglar my profession and doppelganger by none-birth, has hundred years of practice sneaking into houses and vaults to steal what her master, the demon lord Magoth, commands. After few unfortunate events she finds herself on the footsteps of Aisling Grey and her Dragon wyvern Drake. This isn't too bad but it turns out the Silver Dragon Sept Wyvern Gabriel is also there and by accident they discover May is in fact a Wyvern Mate, a rarity on its own, but even more rare as Silver Dragons a cursed to not have mates.

Gabriel has the normal dragon traits; highly possessive, volatile when provoked and fiercely protective, and once he has May in his hands he's not about to let her go for any treasure in the world. But as it seems May isn't that into the idea of being a Wyvern Mate which kind of boggles the Dragon mind, but no matter he'll turn her around - after all you aren't much a dragon if you can't get what you desire.
"You taste of the cool water that hides deep in a stream. You taste of the night air, soft and scented and mysterious. The taste of you drives me wild. I want to be with you, be inside you, shout to the world that you are mine at the same time I want to keep you hidden where you will exist only for me. You make me feel invincible, little bird." 
May being a demon lord's minion hinders the two would-be-lovers until something gives. After all how long can a girl resist a gorgeous, steaming hot, totally committed dragon?

In the Katie MacAlister style this book is a hoot! Fun, witty, hot as hell and has you loving the male lead with vigor, I mean who doesn't love an alpha male bad boy. ;)

Rating :

Started Reading : 8th of Aug. 2011
Finished reading : 9th of Aug. 2011

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