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Saturday, August 27, 2011


It’s time! My blog has hit triple digits and it’s time to celebrate!
This of course means my 100 follower giveaway!
The giveaway is International, I’ll be using Book Depository to send you your copy of the book of your choice – but first you have to play along a little!

Name of my blog is “For The Love of Reading!” A witty little frustrated quip of a well-used saying – now, what I want from you is your own version of it ( be as creative as you want, or as to the point as you wish ) for example “For the love of Tom Jones!” or “For the love of low-fat pudding!

Just leave a comment on this entry with an ABC - a) your answer, b) the book you’d like and c) your email address and will do the honors and pick a number and we’ll see who goes home with a book! ( well -- who the book goes home to -- oh! you know what I mean )

And the choices are...

My Review - 5 STARS
Book 1 of the Novel of Silver Dragons (18 and over)

First of MacAlister's Vampire Books (18 and over)

My Review - 5 STARS
Book 1 of the Black Dagger Brotherhood (18 and over)

Book 1 of the Fallen Angels (18 and over)

A hilarious and romantic standalone novel (Modern Day Romance)

(Recengy Historical Romance)

My Review - 5 STARS
Book 1 of the Outlander series (Historical Time-Travel Romance - 18 and over)

My Review - 4.5 STARS
Book 1 of Hush Hush series (YA)

Book 1 of the Series (YA)

My Review - 4 STARS
Book 1 of Vampire Academy (YA)

So pick your favourite out of my favourites and Top Picks!
Giveaway open until September 24th 2011!
I will personally email the winner (to the address given here), as well as announce them on my blog!

This Giveaway has Closed winner can be found here!

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