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Thursday, July 7, 2011


Alright so I am back from the Library ( go bless them ) and though originally going to get mood/background music for my current books I couldn't help myself and ended up with two new reads, though one has to wait two weeks before it gets read as it's Book 2 of Silver Dragon Series.

Here they are!

Katie MacAlister's "Up in Smoke" Book ;2 of the Silver Dragons
'MacAlister continues her delectable contemporary paranormal series with another sinfully sexy, fabulously fun tale of love, vampires, ghosts, and demons.'

Now Book one is geting it's butt to me as we speak, but while waiting I got other books to read, for example...

Angela Knight's "Jane's Warlord"
Reporter Jane Colby is shocked by a gruesome murder in her small southern town, but she is even more stunned to learn that the murderer isn't from this century and that she is his main target. Her only chance at surviving is fighting fire with fire, or, in this case, future with future, as embodied in Baran Arvid, a twenty-fourth-century warrior. Baran's orders are to keep her from dying, and Jane's mission is to stop the murderer before he kills again. As the tension mounts and their trust grows, both realize they're also trying not to lose their hearts.

Now I still have few books coming in the mail either tomorrow or latest early next week. More on that later.

I have a fear that "Jane's Warlord" is going to be cheesy - but hey won't know untill I read it. ;)

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