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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


"As a member of the Brotherhood, V has no interest in love or emotion, but when a mortal injury puts him in the care of human surgeon, Dr. Jane Whitcomb she compels him..."

Author: J.R. Ward
Pages: 528 pages
September, 2007
Black Dagger Brotherhood Novels #5 
Adlibris: Link

First thing first, Vishous comes out in book four as a sexual deviant, and seems to have feeling for Butch, and the way this book begins isn't diverting from that road... until he meets Jane that is.

Vishous who has had active role in the previous books as well gets his past brought to day light so to speak, and we get reasons for why he as he is, from a monster of a father to a surprise of a mother. To a destiny of keeping the vampire race going.

We also meat Jane, and I just loved her character from page one on, she has a rough life like V as well and hasn't found love and nurturing from her parents either which brings these two closer together.

Now it is probably very anti-feminist of me but I love books where the woman is abducted by the male lead to keep her safe - there is something very romantic/cave man about it, and the fact that this is how the ball gets rolling with Jane and V had me giddy from the beginning.

But like in all brotherhood books these brothers are messed up, Rhage with his inner beast he can't control, to Zsadist slavery and sexual abuse, to Butch insecurities about his lineage and being human, V is no exception he hates himself with quite the vigor. It seems the only one half sane about this group is Wrath who comes out pretty much A-Okay in Book 1. So angst is expected again.

It seems John Matthew's role keeps getting bigger and bigger, we get to know the guy more, and the more we do the more he reminds us of the crewed up brothers, serious issues. It seems the pure forces in these books are always the women, saving graces almost. But then again isn't that life as well. ;) John had developed a bit of health into his life with friending Qhuinn and Blay who at the beginning of this book are pre-transition aka before their bodies turn from skinny small guys to vampires aka big muscled tall guys. And the adolescent getting a body suddenly is quite fun to read.

We also get into the head of Phury, Zsadist twin, who pines quite painfully over Z's mate Bella. So much so that it is hard to read, which means next book might be a tough one like Lover Awakened was. With Phury's growing usage of milder drugs is creepy at least he still has a good kind heart, even though he tries to numb it good.

Word of warning, if you are squeamish about sex and especially bondage then perhaps you'll skip this book, like said V's a bit, well a lot, deviant when it comes to sex. I personally didn't really understand the whole bit, but then again I wasn't the target audience for it. But needn’t worry Jane will mellow him out a little.

The lack of Lesser absence in the book is tangible until the end where, you can't help but to cry a little at what V and Jane have to go through. But still it's worth reading, the chemistry between the two is yummy and similar to that of Book 2's Rhage and Mary.

Rating :

Started Reading : 3rd of July 2011
Finished Reading: 4th of July 2011

Music : Cheryl Cole's "3 Words" goes great with it! ( ) as well as her "Fight For This Love" ( ) and Parachute ( )


  1. I have only read the first 2 in the series so far...but I absolutely love them! I look forward to completing the whole series one day.

  2. In my opinion those two are the absolute gems of the bunch! ;) I'm waiting to get my paws on the 7th and 8th.

    It's my new favorite series. <3

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. :)


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