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Friday, July 1, 2011


Author: J.R. Ward
464 pages
Publisher: Signet
March, 2006
Black Dagger Brotherhood Novels #2

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Just about ten hours after finishing Book; 1 Dark Lover I picked up this in the library. Luckily it's my Summer vacation so I can read throughout the day if I wish.

Lover Eternal gives us a few days into the life of Rhage, a blond drop dead gorgeous brother in the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Hollywood, as the brothers call him, has one main issue which the story really revolves around, his beast, a curse that releases a dragon from inside him whenever he is angry, in pain or frustrated - whenever his temper flares.

Rhage's way of dealing with his beast is to fight and sleep around, so this book has a lot of steamy moments, and isn't for the faint hearted when it comes to sex.

Opposite of Rhage we have Mary. She's a leukemia survivor, who helps around as much as possible, and while working on a help line she meets John a straggly thin street kid, that turns out to be a vampire about to turn in a year or two. He cannot speak, so Mary well equipped with sign language helps her gorgeous (vampire) neighbor Bella introduce John to some "martial artists", read Black Dagger Brotherhood.

Rhage is immediately drawn to Mary and her nurturing side, and interesting chemistry evolves where Mary firmly believes no one as gorgeous as Hollywood would ever go for a girl as plain as herself. While they meet she also discovers her cancer might be back.

On the other characters, John Matthews is absolutely great, the boy is slightly damaged, but has great potential to become great character in the later in the series as well. Bella is the main character of the next book and her and Zsadist's relationship is put on the roll at the end of the book. Also Mr. O replaces much of Mr. X's appearances on the Lessers, soulless vampire killers of Omega.

As Rhage and Mary get to know each other, Rhage gets himself way too involved with her and against strict orders by the brotherhood brings her to their safe haven, getting himself in to trouble with Virgin Scribe who created the vampires and put the curse on Rhage in the first place.

What happens in the book is interesting, steamy, look at Mary and Rhage wanting to be together, and apart and together again while battling the beast, Mary’s illness, Lessers and the Virgin Scribe.

Amazingly great read, we get deeper into the world, and to the new vampire culture and learn more about the brothers and what drives them to protect their race. Thrilling reading with sizzling hot scenes where your tummy does cart wheels as you blush. ;)
But I do recommend you read Book; 1 to keep up with the inside jokes and brother dynamics.


Started Reading : 30th of June 2011
Finished Reading : 30th of June 2011

Music : Goes good together with Cheryl Cole's "3 Words"

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