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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Author: J.R. Ward
Pages: 528 pages
Publisher: Signet
Published: April, 2010
Form: Paperback
Series: Black Dagger Brotherhood #8
Adlibris: Link

Finally the story of John and Xhex (pronounced Hex)! I've been waiting for this, throughout book 2 - 7 we've been witness to their chemistry developing, and now here is Lover Mine! 

This book continues right where Lover Avenged left us, Xhex has been imprisoned by Lash, son of Omega, in a supernatural prison where no one can hear her, see her or sense her. Being as warped as he is, Lash has ended up completely obsessed with Xhex, loving her in his twisted way. Xhex against all odds manages to keep hold on her sanity while Lash repeatedly beats her and abuses her, her only goal to escape or die taking the bastard with her.

And then there is John, who realizes that there is a chance he might not find her and tries to come to terms with his feelings for her and the fact that if they find her dead, she's gone forever, and if they do find her alive she still might not care for him after all. John being mute creates a story that is very intriguing to read especially his communication with others who normally aren't chatty.

In all a very delicious story, lot of darkness and pain in it, but all the light in the book saves it from being grim.

We also get a look into Blay’s and Quinn’s relationship, where the two fight what is expected of them and what they want, and what they can’t have.

Now, I have to say this is my favorite book since Eternal Lover, I can't help it I'm a sucker for the ‘will they won't they’ love stories. And this is third book I'm giving full on five stars, I friggin' loved this! I wish I could tell you more, but you have to read it for yourselves.

Kidnapping, imprisonment, tattoos, unrequited love, revenge, vengeance, brothers in shitkickers and leathers armed to the teeth fighting for the existence of their race - this one is a keeper!

By now I am well obsessed with the Black Dagger Brotherhood world, and can safely say it's my favorite series I have ever come across, beating even Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series!

Rating :

Started Reading : 24th of July 2011
Finished Reading : 27th of July 2011

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