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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Author: J.R. Ward
560 pages
June, 2009
Black Dagger Brotherhood Novels #6

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Ugh... I have to be honest, but this one was not for me, I had to struggle to get through it.

Phury who's been wholly readable in other books, goes off the deep end with drugs and has a proverbial monkey on his back.

Cormia on the other hand is joy to read as she discovers how fun life is outside the Other Side at the Chosen Sanctuary, as she learns to live a little, watch movies and adjust to colors.

Her interaction with John Matthews is much more pleasant than it is with Phury, who can't get his shit together, and after he gets some sanity back after 444 pages you feel dragging as well.

John Matthews and his friend Qhuinn and Blay are yet again fun to read, as they bring the only cheer into the book apart from Cormia's discoveries.

In all the couple is flat and even the ending doesn't save it.

Perhaps I am slightly biased here due to having seen addicts, having lived with one so it's no fun to read, and in all if I'd know how sad and unnerving this book was I would have not read it.

If you do decide to skip the book I'll sum up for you what you need to know to move into the next book after my signature.

I truly hope there will be less screwed up brothers in the books to come, cause it keep getting darker and darker... This one didn't have much light or romance to speak of it in.

Rating :

If you do decide to skip the book I'll sum up for you what you need to know to move into the next book: John and Qhuinn get in trouble after Qhuinn slahes the throat of Lash who turns out to be the son of Omega and vampire. Qhuinn ends up being John's 'bodyguard' to get him off the charges of murdering the now 'missing' Lash who has returned to work for daddy. 
Tohrment is brough back by fallen angel Lassiter who wishes to remain with the brotherhood against everyone's wishes.
Z and Bella's Daughter is born which join the brother together again after they fell out when Phury od'd.
Cormia and Phury open up house a part from the brotherhood as Phury was put on leave of absence and offer  a sort of half away house to Chosen who wish to come out of the Sanctuary.
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