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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Author: Kerrelyn Sparks
Pages: 369 pages
Publisher: Avon
Published: March, 2011
Form: Mass Market Paperback
Series: Love at Stake  #10
Adlibris: Link

What happens when a Scottish vampire, self-proclaimed SOB and eternal bachelor, suddenly finds an angel in his hands, someone soft, kind, loving and completely innocent. Sparks fly!

Not voluntarily, mind you, Connor doesn't want to feel, he doesn't want to be drawn to Mariella, he is - in his mind - destined to be alone and liking that just fine, thank you. But it proves to be difficult when the hurt he's suffered is being healed just by the presence of an angel.

Mariella disobeyed for the third and final time and she gets the boot, her wings are stripped from her and she is found burned and bleeding by vampires, not her finest hour. She is desperate to return to heaven to be part of the beauty and the joy, not stay stuck in a new body which seems to go haywire when Connor is around. She won't let it stop her from searching her way to back to heaven, back to being an angel.

I liked this book, it was funny, romantic and innocent. I think what hindered me was I hadn't read any of the previous books in the series, and having one character after another pop by and feel familiar, but not knowing why (characters from previous 9 books) made it harder to stay with the flow. Also the plot was bit too fluffy and unfocused for me.  But the story on its own was very warm, and had me laughing in more than just few places, proving Kerrylyn Sparks knows how to write witty comedy. The chemistry between the two main characters is fun to read!

Connor is quite flat as character, in a way that he is a crouch, he's very orientated to one single matter, but then again that plays well against Mariella who is so innocent it's hilarious to read, as she has never had a body everything is new, her feelings, eating... men. And that is the romance part, I would have not managed to read the whole book if their romance hadn't been constantly edged little bit forward.

Now this isn't what you'd call steamy romance, this is the kind that builds, sweetly, while we see just how much Connor actually longs and desires to be with her, while Mariella is slightly at disadvantage not knowing what desire and longing is. . . which makes the book yummy!

I love angel books, where the angels are sweet, and caring and do what they are meant to which is heal and care for humanity. Can't say I hate the other type, take Lassiter from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series for example, love him. ;)

In all a good book to read, if you aren't squeamish about a lot of Scottish accent (if you love Scottish accent I recommend you read Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series), kilts, and softie vampires. ;)

I might just have to find more 'Love at Stake' book! ;)

Rating :

Started Reading : 22nd of July 2011
Finished Reading : 23rd of July 2011
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