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Friday, July 22, 2011


"Anyway what shall we talk about this week? I think those bad boys is a great topic don't you think? What draws us to them? Why do you find them so interesting or more sexier? Why do we root for them to hook up with their HEA(happily-ever-after)? Do you like the truly evil bad boy or do you like the bad boy with the hidden heart of gold? and Lastly who tops your list of all time favorite bad boys?" From : Book Lover's Hideaway

Music : Alexandra Burke's 

Oh, absolutely! Bring on the bad boys, the ones who wear shitkickers, leather jackets, piercings, tattoos... mmmm yum!

Okay, bad boys do have to have a heart though, redeeming qualities, kindness shadowed underneath the bad boy image. What makes them sexier is the unpredictability, the fact that they look after their women, and have a delicious jealous streak ;) aka the 'no one touches my woman'.

Okay, some of my favorite Bad Boys come from J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood ... Zsadist who is straight out scary in the first two books but gets his heart ripped out and rearranged in book 3, or Rehvenge half-vampire half-sympath drug lord & pimp and all around messed up guy with great sense of style can't go on being evil when he meets his mate...

The thing is though that these bad boys are still bad boys after they fall in love, to everyone else except the woman they love. And I think that is what intrigues women. They can kick the shit out of a guy and then bring you roses and kiss you until your knees go weak.

But Bad Boys belong in books, it's all fantasy. Good fantasy, but in RL I go for the smart and educated. ;)

Here are some of my current favourites:
( in no special order )

Bones (Night Huntress series)
Zsadist (Black Dagger Brotherhood series)
Wrath (Black Dagger Brotherhood series)
Rehvenge (Black Dagger Brotherhood series)
Rhage (Black Dagger Brotherhood series)
Drake (Aisling Grey series)
Vishous (Black Dagger Brotherhood series)
Jean Claude (Anita Blake series)
Jason (Anita Blake series)

How about you, who's your favourite Bad Boy? 
And why do you love'm?

P.S: Music : Alexandra Burke's
Nothing But The Girl 
& Bad Boys


  1. First of all thanks for stopping by, I agree with all choices, I might add Acheron of the Dark Hunter Series- which I didn't post on my blog because I would think everyone knows I love him LOL and I always mention him.

    OH yes love bad boys in books not in RL. LOL

  2. LOL! That's funny! I am on my way to get a copy of Acheron from the library in 15 minutes - perhaps I'll agree after reading. ;)

  3. Thanks for refeaturing this post on your TGIF. The eye candy made morning all the brighter. Haven't started this series, but look forward to it. Love me a bad boy.

  4. @ Amy - LOL! You're welcome. ;) Oh, absolutely love'em too!

  5. Oh please.... how could anybody choose one? Acheron is an excellent choice, but then I think no, Jean, any guy from the Midnight Breed series, see now Im thinking Jacob from Joey Hills Vampire Servant series, how about Dimitri from Nalini Singh's Archangels!!!!!! Arrrghggg ! I CANNOT DECIDE

  6. LOL! Exactly... we shouldn't even try, lets just have them all. ;)


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