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Thursday, July 14, 2011


Author: K.R. Smith
File Size: 121 KB
Pages: approx. 50
Publisher: K.R. Smith
Published: April 11, 2011
Form: Kindle Edition
Series: The Circulate Series #1
Amazon: Currently 0,00$

Jessica has had a bad week, she's been cold, hungry, and without shower and her diabetes doesn't approve, so when her boyfriend and their couple friend stop at Alma for food things slip away from her control.

Luckily one of the locals, Flint, helps her gather her composure and he joins her to eat as her soon-to-be-ex boyfriend drinks with his friends. They strike a little friendship but as her boyfriend sees what’s going on things escalate as she is soon sans boyfriend and ride to Anchorage. Stranded in a small bar in small Alaskan town she accepts a ride to Anchorage from Flint, the Native American man who has more going for him than just tall, dark good looks.

During the ride feelings develop and they end up spending a night together... (read really steamy sex) but it doesn't end there, as Flint isn't all he seems to be, and perhaps one night stand turned out to change the career girl's rest of her life.

I enjoyed this novella, the writing was warm, and you could feel the kindness of both of the characters, from the beginning Jessica is as easy interesting person to travel with. Where many books and novellas take the joined through danger route, this one was lovely love story that just made me feel Good. :)
This one is a feel good little love story that is entertaining, grabbing and you feel good with the characters and how their lives entwine and merge.

I really liked it. Enough to make the fan art cover above. ;)

Rating :

+ ☆ ☆ ☆ ★ ★
Good book, well worth the read

Started Reading : 13th of July 2011 : evening
Finished Reading : 14th of July 2011 : morning


  1. Hi Niina,

    Thank you for the review and the fan art. This is the first time somebody has done something this, so I'm a little speechless. I hoped you enjoyed spending time with Flint and Jessica :-)

    K.R. Smith

  2. WHat a lovely Idea. I too just recently found this novella and enjoyed it very much...would like to read more of flint and jessicas world. i do like the cover art too....

  3. @ K.R. - :) I did enjoy it, lovely paranormal love story.

    @ Anonymous - Thanks! :) Yeah, definately worth more reading. :)


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