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Friday, July 8, 2011


Author: Angela Knight
Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Berkley ( June 1, 2004 )
ISBN-10: 0425196844 

Adlibris: Link

And here I was afraid it was gonna be cheesy!
Tells you not to judge a book by its cover or name.

I did make new cover for it though, just for kicks and giggles, the original cover is below. I just felt it needed that something extra.

Now to the book!

The story begins with Baran making a time travel jump to Jane's 2005 to make sure serial killer who's stolen a jumpsuit is stopped from killing Jane Colby.

Baran is teamed with a giant wolf with voice manipulator allowing it the ability to speak, which is probably the best comic relief from an animal I've seen since Aisling Grey's demon Jim a newfie.

Jane returns from reporting on a savage killing for her small town newspaper to find a six foot four Viking of a man in her bedroom. A delicious "I'm here to save you - I don't believe you" ensues. Showing Jane's no run of the mill romance lead lady.

As the two battle things out, they try and catch the serial killer who keeps taunting them.

This book is filled with future, sci-fi and steamy scenes. It goes overboard in a fun readable way, the book is easy to finish in 24 hours.

To the depth of the characters, Baran has his issues but doesn't seem to lose control often, whereas Jane is tortured by the ghost of her father. I would have liked more on Jane's relationship with her father, and closer to the questions she bonders. But then again these characters don't linger too long after you finish reading.

It's a fun read, nothing too serious. So yeah, I'd recommend it for those days when you want to skip reality.

Rating :

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