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Sunday, July 3, 2011


Author: J.R. Ward
480 pages
March, 2007
Black Dagger Brotherhood Novels #4
Adlibris: Link

This one is so full of twist "Best new series I've read in years! Now here's a band of brothers who know how to show a girl a good time." ~ Lisa Gardner

Enjoyed Book ;4 very much, even though read this one online. The previous three books have danced around the possibly budding, stomped flat romance of Butch, human tough-as-nails cop and Marissa, fragile virgin aristocratic vampire. 

The book begins with Butch's need to be a part of something, as he is no longer part of the human world, considered missing, and also not part of the vampire world either. Butch being aggressive and a smart mouth doesn't help matters, and neither does the fact that he pines after Marissa, a woman he met only few times months ago. Butch goes off on his own to fight off few Lessers after a night of drinking and gets himself captured.

The Omega makes his first appearance, and infects Butch with his dark essence leaving him to die in the woods. Luckily he's rescued by Vishous, but something in his has changed.

While Butch is battling his fears of turning evil, Marissa is feeling trapped in her social circle pining over Butch who seems to reject her every chance he gets. But hearing he's in her brother’s hospital she runs to his side.
As some things come to light they feel a connection starting to build again. Which leads into a whole mess of can humans and vampires be together, are the two just too different, and how does it affect the balance of the relationship when the female party is stronger.

Do not worry the steamy parts are still there, enough of them to make a reader blush several times. Butch seems to be a guy who likes to talk during sex. With that in mind this book definately, as all in the series, isn't for young adults - I'd recommend readers be over 16 or 17.

As these two pine and want each other in the most difficult circumstances we learn more of John Matthews, who studies and practices now mainly with Zsadist who seems to have truly turned somewhat appropriate after mating with Bella who waits for their child to be born. John keeps having hard time in certain areas of his training, and we find out more little by little of his former life.

We also get into a new stage of the war between slayers and vampires as V and Butch figure out their connection. Once in a while things get bit gay between them two, then the reader is left with a feeling of 'what?' But as the book goes on  it comes evident why for the what.

This one is so full of twists that I cannot tell much more, but you'll enjoy finding them all out.

I enjoyed reading this one as well, not as dark as the last one but more moody perhaps.


Started Reading : 30th of June 2011 : evening
Finished Reading : 2nd of July 2011: evening

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