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Monday, May 28, 2012


If you are like me and sometimes don't get to mags right away then you might have this April Edition still unread. Though this time in my case the Finnish store I went to didn't yet have the "current" edition - which is why I decided to order Shape again!

The first thing in the cover that got me was Alison Sweeney, I love her in The Biggest Loser ( yes I do watch that show! I'm a huge Jillian Michaels fan ).

The second was The Hunger Games Workout - I was expecting some running, climbing or something to go with the mood of the book! But no, what I got was just the actresses who played Glimmer doing moves, bummer. :(  Get in to fighting shape, okay I did get that and the moves were really strength building.

The Sexier By Summer workout I loved! I love doing the 2. Booty Booster move, it's easy but efficient and who doesn't want a perkier butt! A hint, the lower angle your knees butt and feet make the more bunch the lift and point has to your abs as well. ( click for a bigger pic )
Also 5. The High-Kick Dips were a workout for the arms and butt!

Of course my favorites are the Success Stories and the Weight-Loss Diary girl Yasmin. It's the best source of inspiration! I especially loved Kathy's 80 pound loss with Wii Fit and kick boxing.

I think the most emotional article in this issue was My Boyfriend Almost Killed Me - I've always had trouble believing that a strong woman could get bullied and abused but this story really told how it happened to her, bit by bit, and now I have to say it really can happen to anyone who meets a manipulative man, if they don't know these warning signs : Gets serious too quickly, easily jealous, blames his exes, pressures to spend less time with family and friends, wants to move far from said family and friends, criticizes and puts you down subtly ( you're not as smart, or as pretty or as slim as... ).

Another great 164 pages! Shapes always has the best test on apparel and footwear, but also the beauty tips, and health tip - like did you know to buy asparagus with the tips close together instead of open for more flavor... well I know now! And did you know that with more iron in your system your exercises will be more efficient and your moves faster? Now you do!

Let's get fit!

P.S: Want a Weight-Loss Success Story to read to inspire you today, here we go! Beyonce lost 60 pounds after baby!

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