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Sunday, May 20, 2012


I have the pleasure to welcome to For The Love of Reading, Lynn Rush, an amazing author who has come by to talk a little about her new book Awaited ( which rocked, btw ) and about the in-between of Young Adult and Adult... here we go!

What is New Adult?
by Lynn Rush

One question I often get asked is, “What is New Adult?”

Crescent Moon Press has really taken the leap into this exciting new space, and I’m honored to be one of their first authors.

If you think about it, Young Adult ( YA ) is a branch of children’s stories—just the older end of it. If you’re someone who likes to see numbers, the age ranges for YA are anywhere from 12-16 or so.
Then, you have the adult books. Romantically, they can be pretty intense. Some are very descriptive and deal with some heavy adult life issues.

But what about the middle ground? Readers who want a little more than the sweet romance of the young teen years yet those who aren’t ready for the heavy, intense romance of the adult novels…

***CUE Lynn Rush***

That’s where I come in. :) Here’s a little definition that works pretty well to describe New Adult:

Young adult stories are just as complex as any mainstream novel, however you'll find the romantic element is handled more gently in comparison. Also, the characters are generally in Middle School or High School. New Adult novels take the story to the next level romantically. The characters are usually out of school and confronted with life challenges.

Sure, some of the characters in my Wasteland Trilogy ) might be four-hundred to eleven-hundred years old, but they look twenty-something. And the level of romance throughout the stories is on the sweeter side of hot. So it’s a nice fit.

Now, my Violet Night Trilogy ), which starts releasing October 2012, the main characters really ARE in their twenties and actually live on a college campus, so that’s even closer to the New Adult definition.

What do you think? Have you heard of this New Adult category? If not, you should leave a comment here today, I’ll give away a free e-book of Wasteland and an e-ARC of Awaited, because you just HAVE to give it a try. Be sure to leave your email on your comment so I know how to reach you, okay?

Check out my 4.5 Star Review of Awaited HERE!

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