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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


The V Word—Virgin

Virgin—the word alone holds incredible power. It is no more than a term for sexual innocence, yet throughout history virginity has brought powerful men to their knees, controlled countries, and offered females a sense of personal freedom when nothing else could. It has long symbolized a woman’s gift of fidelity and a man’s assurance of paternity. One would think this state of innocence would have lost potency in today’s world, but that is not true. Virgins remain both the symbol of purity and the ultimate sexual temptation.

Losing one’s virginity can be scary, exciting, wonderful or horrid depending on the moment and the person it is shared with. In traditional romance the heroine’s virgin status was expected and, for many publishers, required. Then came the sexual revolution and that idea faded as virginity became almost embarrassing—something to be dealt with and shed. Now, the pendulum has begun to swing back across society. More and more, I meet people, male and female, who are sexually savvy and educated yet technically innocent. They enjoy hot books and movies but have chosen to preserve their virginity until they have met someone they feel worthy of the gift. No one checks these days for a hymen that could have been lost to a tampon, a pap smear, or never have existed. In the age of born again virgins, virginity depends more on a state of mind than a flap of skin, but that makes innocence no less influential. Acknowledgement of the power of virginity has crept back into romance and has perhaps strengthened in erotica.

In Runaway Virgin readers meet a girl whose status is not wholly her own doing. Her overprotective father and brothers have sheltered her to the point of smothering. Losing her virginity becomes a goal to prove she’s her own person. When she runs away to work at the Sturgis Motorcycle Classic, Neva picks the perfect spot to cross into womanhood. At the rally she can be anyone she chooses, and she chooses to be sexy and flirty and unhindered by familial expectations. It becomes her right of passage on her terms—her body, her choice, her freedom.

V is for valor, victory, validation, and virginity—yet only the virgin can control all these things by simply not acting upon his/her natural instincts. Such power in the hands of the innocent—what else could be as seductive?

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For L.C. Dean, who lives and works in St. Paul, MN, writing erotic romance provides an escape from cold winters and hot summers. The majority of L.C.’s work is intentionally brief: snippets to be enjoyed over a short break or at the end of a long day. In today’s busy society, many people rarely take time to read. Super shorts like the Sturgis Rally Riders series ( Decedent Publishing’s EDGE ) provide passionate respites in a world that often spins too fast.

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