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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Why Science Fiction Erotica?

Science fiction and fantasy are the great "what if." What if a man could fly? What if we could take a star ship to another planet? What if an alien race chose to conquer us through interbreeding instead of war? What if a scientist could create an instant orgasm phone app? You know, the really big questions.

That’s what has always drawn me to science fiction. It’s a world of endless possibilities in every aspect of life, and writers of the genre have known this since it was invented. They’ve also explored the great forbidden “what if” of non-humans interacting with humans in intimate ways.

“What do they want, Captain?”

“It’s horrible! They’re stealing our women!”

Ah yes, the old cliché. But what do they want “our women” for, exactly? Why does that strike such terror into the male human heart? Because “our women” are for “our men,” and if one of “them” were to mate with “our women,” well, perish the thought.

Today, however, things are a bit different. Captain Kirk got to at least second base with a number of non-human females, and that seemed to be perfectly fine with Starfleet. Spock, in fact, is half Vulcan, the result of one of these previously too-horrible-to-contemplate alien/human hookups.

To be blunt about it, the thought of making it with a non-human is kind of hot. It’s not a new concept, either. Look at the legends of ancient Greece, such as where centaurs and the infamous Minotaur came from. Leda and the Swan. A certain NSFW image from Japan, an 1814 print titled “Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife.” The list goes on and on.

But why? Because some people want more than just vanilla heterosexual relationships. If you look at the sales figures of something like Twilight, it’s clear that a lot of people want more than that. It’s always been there, but rarely talked about in polite company.

Frankly, I think it’s a lot healthier to talk about and engage in non-vanilla sex than to watch people chopping up zombies on television and getting tortured in movies. As the older, puritanical ways of thought continue to fall away over time, we’re beginning to see changes in our culture, both in entertainment and in our laws. Mainstream shows feature same-sex couples, and mixed-race couples ( gasp! ) are so commonplace that we barely bat an eye any more.

The thought of the white Captain Kirk kissing the black Lieutenant Uhuru on the original Star Trek series was so controversial that Gene Roddenberry had to fight long and hard to get even the obscured liplock we did get to see. Now, four decades later, it’s practically expected.

The future looks bright for increased sexual freedom of all flavors, not just vanilla.

~ WJ Craft is the author of “Chicks in Charge,” a fantasy science fiction erotic short story collection, now available on Contact WJ on Twitter: & blog

Author: W.J. Craft
Pages: 60 pages
Publisher: Self Published on December 2011
Form: E-book (from tour for an honest review)
Genre: Science Fiction Erotic Romance (+18 Only)
Amazon: Buy / $5.47 (Kindle)EU price, click to see yours )

"Over 20,000 words of intriguing and playful delights where women come out on top in a variety of ways!

Chainsaw Chicks of Chinese Camp: Are the legends true? Are four amazons lying in wait in this tiny rural town for their perfect boy toys to come along and play with them?

Zap: While researching a possible preventative for epileptic seizures, a scientist stumbles onto a very interesting use for her new app.

Take Me To Your Leader: In this 1940s retro tale, a military translator gets up close and personal with some newly-landed alien emissaries.

The Gnome World Order: Find out what really goes on underneath those seemingly innocent pointed red hats.

Little Shoppe of Enchantments: Augustus Pound takes a wrong turn with some rather questionable results. This version includes the longer alternate ending, not available anywhere else!

Cowboy: They seemed like ordinary women in the greasy spoon in town, but they had plans for Jack Barnes and his equipment.

Rosa Erotica: Lyrical and touching. A 500-word ode to the spirit of the rose goddess and a warrior's epiphany."

Wow, oddest erotic stories I've ever read. Ever. Seriously. Nicely done, Ms. Craft!

The cover really doesn't ummm... do justice to the stories.  The cover is all innocent contemporary when on the inside you get alien invasions and chainsaw ummm... toys. LOL! I can't help but giggle how odd these were, little scary and little bit of a turn on. I can't say too much without giving away some shockers but envision man with four members and a gnome with an interesting head... LOL! I can't believe I'm writing this.

I have never read anything like this and if you are looking for a dark-ish, sci-fi erotic short stories where women are on top of the situation - no matter how weird - then you might wanna give this a go as it is something I bet you've never read either.

I think I liked Take Me To Your Leader, The Gnome World Order and Cowboy most, I think they were also the oddest of the bunch.

Rating :

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