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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


"A hot-tempered spitfire and a sexy, arrogant man - put them together and sparks fly!

After her first embarrassing encounter Summer Jones vows to stay away from suave record producer, Lance Munroe. But then she ends up working for the man. Her quick temper and sharp tongue keep landing her in hot water with him but no matter how hard she tries she can't deny her growing attraction for him. Then they go on a business trip to Jamaica - and her world is turned upside down.

Lance is intrigued by the feisty woman who practically tells him off the first time they meet. When they begin working together he realizes how much he enjoys the challenge of taming the little tigress. But, before he knows it, he's the one caught in the snare of passion. The tables are turned - the tigress has tamed the lion.

If you love the sizzle of a romance between two strong-willed individuals, follow Summer and Lance from Chicago to Jamaica and be swept away in the thrill of their hot summer."

Niina : Welcome to For The Love of Reading, Ms. Powell, I’m glad you could make it!

Judy Powell :  Thanks for having me, Niina.  And please call me Judy.  On a blog as sassy and daring as this one, who can bother with formality?  :)

Niina : LOL! Deal. :) Let’s get started! Can you tell my readers here 4 fun unknown facts about you so we can break the ice?

Judy :   Okay, here we go (and be forewarned - it's all boring stuff).  Anyway, the first is that my very first love in life is reading, my second great love in life is writing, and my third great love in life is studying, as in going to classes and reading text books.  The final thing about me?  I'm always listening to audio books on CD - in the car while driving, in the house while doing the housework, in the office while tapping away on the computer.  I listen to a lot of motivational/ self help books.  (I did warn you this would be boring, right?)

Niina : Tell us something about your book, Hot Summer, that we wouldn’t know by reading the blurb?

Judy :   Hot Summer includes a lot of the local Chicago and Jamaican cultures.  I like to steep my readers in the setting so you will find my characters going to various (real-life) locales.  some readers have told me they love this great escape into a totally different world.  Others say it brings back memories (those who have actually visited the locations).

Niina : Why did you pick Chicago and Jamaica for locations?

Judy : I lived and worked in both locations, working with the same company - a multinational corporation based in Chicago that had a subsidiary in Jamaica.  I love to use settings with which I am personally familiar so that I can paint the truest picture possible.  It helps a lot when you know the places intimately - you can include in your novel things that the average tourist would never know.  This adds an air of authenticity to the work.

Niina : What do you think makes a couple with a fiery chemistry so sexy?

Judy : Peace and harmony are boring, at least in the world of books.  Who's going to invest hours of their time reading about things that go smoothly for the characters?  Very few people, if any.  What readers love is a story where the characters are thrown into situations where they're in rocky waters and have to find a way out.  In a romance novel in particular it is the conflict and the sexual tension between the characters that keep us reading.  For me, the key to a good romance novel is not how many love scenes are included but how much the writer makes me love and care for the characters and how much that author tries and challenges them.  By throwing obstacles in the way of the romance (through conflicting personalities, desires or situations) the writer makes me eager to know how in the world it will all work out.

Niina : What character did you most enjoy writing and why?

Judy : I loved writing about Summer Jones.  To me, she was the perfect balance between youthful innocence and spirited defiance.  She also had a relationship with her mother which mirrors the one I had with my late mother.  Summer  is so very different from me (hot-tempered and adventurous where I am laid-back and cautious) and that's why I enjoyed creating her.  She allowed me to vicariously share in her fiery spirit.

Niina : What chapter did you most enjoy writing and why?

Judy : I loved writing the chapter in which Lance and Summer first visit Jamaica, particularly the scene where they're dancing in a nightclub.  This is where the sexual chemistry between them really blossoms.  It was great, being a voyeur to their love affair.

Niina : What are you working on right now? Can you give us a sneak peak?

Judy :  The new novel I’m working on is set in Miami and involves the romance between a sexy Canadian photographer and an independent woman running a resort in Florida.  And, of course, there’s going to be lots of conflict.  After all, what’s a romance without conflict?

Niina : So, why did you pick contemporary as your genre?

Judy : Although I love reading historical novels I decided to right contemporary romances because this allows me to use existing knowledge rather than having to do a lot of research.  However, it is my dream to one day write a historical novel.  I even have the outline already.  I love being transported to not only another place but also another time period.

Niina : What’s the best compliment you’ve received on your writing? And who complimented you?

Judy : I was at an event promoting my books which were displayed on a table.  I was standing off to the side at one point and a lady who was passing the table stopped and said, "Oh, my God.  That's my favorite book ever!"  Then she went over, picked up a copy of Hot Summer and turned to me.  "Have you read this book?  Trust me, you have to read it.  It's so good!"  That made me feel great and I told her I was the writer thanked her for her kind comment.  For a while she refused to believe me, though.  I had to give her one of my business cards.  Luckily, it had my picture on it.  That was a very gratifying experience.

Niina : Now to more personal questions! What’s the sexiest article of clothing on a guy?

Judy : Ooh, that's got to be those close fitting swim trunks, like Speedos.  I love how it hugs their butts (I can say butt on this blog, right?  Oh, yeah, we're bold and sassy here, so no worries)

Niina : Would you rather meet real vampires or werewolves?

Judy : Eew, I don't like either one (sorry, I'm not a paranormal fan).  But if I had to choose one it would have to be the werewolf.  At least they're warm and fuzzy...sort of.

Niina : What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

Judy : Snickers!  I love eating peanuts coated with caramel and chocolate.  Yummy!

Niina : Before we finish, here are some Quick Fire Questions:

Night or day? Day
Pick-up or Mini-van?  Mini-van
Boots or Heels?  Heels
Beer or Wine? Wine
Cocktails or Shots? Cocktails
M&Ms: With or Without Peanuts? With peanuts, of course!
Treats: Sweet or Salty? Salty
Date: Going to Park or Going to Movies? Park
Winter or Summer? Summer
Jewels or Chocolates? Chocolates
Men: Alpha-male or Submissive? Alpha-male all the way
Men: Clean Shaven or Stubble? Clean shaven
Men: Bad boys or Good guys? Bad boys
Tattoos or Piercings on a guy? Tattoos
Brunettes or Blonds?  Brunettes
Romance: Vampires or werewolves?  Werewolves
Romance: Fallen Angels or Sexy Demons? Sexy Demons
Romance: Cops or Cowboys? Cowboys
Time-Travel or Sci-fi? Time-Travel
Romance or Erotic Romance? Romance
Male POV or Female POV (Point Of View)?  Female POV
Times New Roman or Courier? Times New Roman

Okay, so what do my answers say about me, Niina?  Is there a special code to figure out my personality?  If so, I hope it says I'm one hot babe!  : )

Niina : LOL! I think it said just that. ;) Thanks for visiting the For The Love of Reading, Judy! Any news would you like to share with your readers, or websites they can check out?

Judy :  Thanks again for having me, Niina.  I enjoyed the visit.  Readers can visit me at  Come on over, check out my other books, or just stop by for a chat! I'm looking forward to hearing from you.  All the best!

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