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Thursday, May 3, 2012


At For The Love of Reading today is Gabrielle Bisset with a sexy Guest Blog and some treats! Check out the giveaway below! Now to the guest blog...

How To Write Hot Sex Scenes
by Gabrille Bisset

Thanks Niina for having me here for Blood Avenged's book tour.

One of the most important parts of an erotic romance author's job is writing really hot sex scenes.  Each writer has his or her own methods.  Some need to drink to get themselves into a state that is less inhibited, and some listen to sexy music.  So what do I do?  I write exactly what I fantasize about when I think about my hero in whatever book I'm writing.

So take Vasilije from Blood Avenged.  Tall, incredibly built, with black hair and blue eyes, he's gorgeous, so it's a good place to begin thinking about just looking at him.  My heroes are always men I find appealing, so it's just a matter of thinking about what I'd like to do with him if he were standing in front of me.

For Sasa, the heroine in Blood Avenged, Vasilije is pure sex.  He's unlike anyone she's ever met, and he's attracted to her.  Something in the way he speaks and stands so close thrills her like nothing else she's ever felt. The reader senses his effect on her through her words and movements.

With a male like Vasilije, sensuality is everything.  He's consumed with enjoying the sensations around him.  For his character, much of the sexual experience is sensory.  He loves the feel of Sasa's hands on his skin.  He relishes the taste of her tongue as it sweeps over his lips.  His excitement is raised as he hears the need in her voice as she begs him to give her what she wants.

I always focus on the smaller facets of sex as I write a scene, so I may make a man's hands important because they convey the feeling of him touching the heroine.  Or I make the kiss important.  Many people want to skip over the kiss, hurrying on to the actual intercourse, but for me, the kiss is where the magic begins.  The feel of one character's lips brushing against the other's, the sensation of the hero's tongue grazing the heroine's, the teasing breath of one character as her sharp intake of air shows the hero that just his kiss is driving her insane with need for him.  This is what makes everything that comes after the kiss so great.

For me, sex scenes are just a natural extension of my own fantasies and my characters' personalities.  I use techniques I've enjoyed, those I've seen in movies or on tv and haven't had the pleasure to experiment with yet, and the tried and true things like kissing and make them unique to the characters I have in the scene.  Their personalities dictate how they'll approach sex, and with that in mind, I let them enjoy themselves.

It's hard to believe this is considered a job.
~Gabrielle Bisset

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