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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


"Neva Falk has spent her life beneath the loving thumb of a police chief father and four overprotective brothers. Seizing a chance to escape, she runs across the country to the motorcycle rally in Sturgis SD, where bikes roll and freedom rocks.

Neva’s mission? Lose her virginity to someone who could stand up to the men in her family even if she has no intention of ever introducing him to Daddy and the boys.

Grant Larson wants the innocent hottie behind the bar. How could he resist when she asks him to give her a ride?"


           The earthy scent of leather and man filled the space between them, and her pussy clenched and released in anticipation. “So are we going for that ride, Grant?”

           “In a minute.”

           He stood and looked over her shoulder into the darkness. She turned to see what he was searching for. A few security lights shone near the main building, but mostly the place was deserted. In fact, she wasn’t sure they’d be able to get out. Was the entrance gate locked at night? She couldn’t remember.



           “Looks like we’re all alone, and I’ve been waiting a very long time to taste you. Up for allowing me a pre-ride snack to tide me over?”

           A laugh burst from her throat before she could swallow it down, but he sounded so earnest she couldn’t resist teasing him. “Depends.”

           A thick eyebrow arched. “On what?”

           “On whether you’re a vampire or something.”

           Grant chuckled and stole a kiss that curled her toes and left her clinging to him. “How about if I’m just a horny bastard?”

           “That’s all right then.”

For L.C. Dean, who lives and works in St. Paul, MN, writing erotic romance provides an escape from cold winters and hot summers. The majority of L.C.’s work is intentionally brief: snippets to be enjoyed over a short break or at the end of a long day. In today’s busy society, many people rarely take time to read. Super shorts like the Sturgis Rally Riders series ( Decedent Publishing’s EDGE ) provide passionate respites in a world that often spins too fast.

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