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Sunday, May 27, 2012


What items I loved this month! This is a new thing I'm trying out - I'm excited to tell you a little more about me ( showing, not telling, a rule writers and reviewers swear by! ), and this should be a perfect way to get to know me a little better! I actually came up with the idea when watching Make Up By TiffanyD's videos, she's awesome btw, I watched tons of her videos this Saturday. Let's start with make-up!

Maybelline's Dream Terra Sun Bronzer in "Tiger", it's sunny again so it's bronzer time! I've missed bronzer, I love the shimmer and the healthy look you can get with it. Sunkissed. ;) And girls, this smells like a very sexy perfume, I love love love putting it on.

Wet'n'Wild Coloricon Trio "I'm Getting Sunburned" I love love love this! I have only once used the brow bone pearl-essence pink on the eyebrow, I usually just use either the pink with dab of brown on the outside corners, up and down - or the same but with a gold base and the dab of brown. It's my absolute favorite right now, because I don't have to use eyeliner with it. Whoo! ( though I do love the Wing, it's my basic look ) Another one I have used a lot this month, which was my last month's favorite is "Knock on Wood", which is much more neutral on the shimmer but has awesome color combination, the wine red is awesome! Also, Wet'n Wild is completely Animal Cruelty Free, a HUGE plus!

L'Oréal Extra-Volume Collagen in Black is my fave mascara right now! It works wonders for a cheaper price. All I need is to curl my lashes on two spots, apply and it looks so much fuller right away with great separation.

My make-up powder hasn't changed sense I first got Lumene's Natural Code Skin Perfector Mineral Powder in Toffee. It's skin-matifying and doesn't clog poars - and it's 94% organic, can't find fault in that! Plus the coverage for a light mineral powder is great!

Malava's 179 "Lemon Cream" is what my nails are wearing this month, it's just a yummy, light yellow, candy color with a light shimmer. And it last long, even on me (I notoriously destroy a coat pretty darn quick) - other than Lemon cream I use Lumene's Natural Code Nail Stylers 2 Have Fun (mat white) and 3 Be Happy (sheer beach) for a french polish - I love the natural code they are all hypo-sensitive with no formaldehyde.

That was make up now to 
miscellaneous item!

I've been loving this Teekanne "Happy Moods" tea with Lemongrass, stimulating Green Tea, known for its antioxidant properties. Coriander, Cardamom, Cinnamon and Ginger paired with the fruity flavours of Apple, Orange Peels and Marigold Flowers create such a yummy combination that it just livens up the day! Also green tea is so good for girls on the a diet!

Which brings me to my next item which has been this protein rahka ( it's like a mix between yogurt and Crème fraîche ) PROFeel Mansikka / Strawberry. This is excellent for dieters because of the protein, after all when one is dieting (like myself at the moment) getting smaller portions is mandatory so you still want to get the energy. As a vegetarian, I found this awesome as vegetarians need their protein from something as well. The taste is good too, it does have that slight powdery taste of protein products but it's the mildest I've come across. Valio is a Finnish brand, but I bet there are US equivalents around.

One more, what is a diet 
without some inspiration!?

 I've taken up reading Shape and Self again! Two of my faves. With my plan to lose 30 pounds, I'm sure to need help in staying on track and last time I went on a diet both these mags were a huge help! Self has the best motivation in my book, and Shape has the best tips and exercises, but I love them both equally as much! My diet started out great, btw, I weight 2kg/5lbs less than I did a week ago! Go girl!

So this is me! 

Now you know me a little bit better! 
Why don't you share too, tell me what's your fave make-up this month 
or what you've loved this month?

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