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Saturday, May 19, 2012


Guess what day it is? 

It's my Birthday! 

To be exact it's my 30th birthday! I have survived to thirty even with some pumps and bruises both physical and emotional along the way.

I'm excited and a little daunted by it! Excited because it is a mile stone, and daunted because the time I most vividly remember is my 20's, and now I'm not in my twenties anymore! :O Shocking! ;)

I have a nice full day ahead of me, I've got to get ready for the day ( aka dash to the closest store to buy hairspray! ) then I'm going to a suite downtown to watch the Finland-Russia Icehockey World Championship game at two - then get ready and head to Virgin Oil to have dinner with my 10 closest people ( mostly family, I'm such a family type of girl --- oh my god, I can't call myself a girl anymore as I'm in my 30's! ) and then after party.

I've gotten some pretty sweet gifts! I got these black and pink Reebok Easy Tone sneakers, exercise machine, got carded in the liqueur store ( whoo ;) ) and the best are last, one week vacation to Ireland in July and a tattoo!

Firstly I'd like to celebrate this day with my fellow bloggers and my readers!

Meaning that I'm giving away one Paperback Book of choice for 10€/12$ or less from The Book Depository!as long as it ships free to you )

Want some ideas of what to get, here are some of my faves!

To participate simply comment and follow my blog, 
then tell all about to my Rafflecopter here. ;)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now as it's my Birthday, in case anyone of you would want to send me a gift I'm attaching my Book Depository Wish List here - all of the books are less than 10$ so no one has to break bank. ;) ( if you want to send me a gift just e-mail me at "elvenspirit at gmail dot com" for a shipping address )

Have an awesome day, I know I will!

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